t3 question?


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again, you dont NEED clen. it helps tremendously with my appetite, allowing me to stick to my diet so for me its a must. if you dont have any appetite problems i wouldnt bother with it. i think there are otc thermos that will work as well for fat loss.

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t3 measurement

in regards to that researchology t3 spray. how much is one spray equivilent to (how many mcg's?)

any help would be great



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Wife uses it at up to 150mcg and is hot, but doesn't really sweat her ass off. I think it affects everyone different. I've read other guys that cook on 50mcg and others that take up to 200mcg

T3 should be taken 1h after eating and 1h before you eat again, Do this and she will probly get the same result on half the dose.


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whats the reasoning behind this bud? thanks.

Sory it took so long to awnser, It basicly boils down to absorption, Takeing t3 on a full stomach will SLOW down the absorption of the compound. So you will absorb a smaller amount than you take, and the absorption level will be somewhat random, which means inconsistent dosing. One thing you need with T3 is consistency.