Tanked libido coming up two years

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Please help I can't carry on like this.... I did a basic cycle of 40mg ed dbol for 4 weeks and 500mg test e for a planned 12 weeks but pulled the pin at 9 due to sex drive biting the dust very hard...did a nolva only pct which I know was a mistake but thought I would recover... 12 months later still no sex drive got bloods done and I was in range everything looked ok but still no drive 18 months later I decided in search to fix this I would do another cycle and do it properly which I'm still on now...again 500mg test e im using an ai and hcg at 250iu e3d then a blast of hcg at the end and nolva and Clomid pct...to start with I recovered my sex drive bit I'm in week 7 now and I'm back to no sex drive, still get morning wood and quality ones but I can't get aroused anymore...or I find it difficult to, cialis helps but still blood flows not the issue so it's still hard work. I'm at my wits ends I don't want to carry on like this, what damage have I done? Burnt out receptors or what? Do I just get off the test now and blast the hcg then pct and hope for the best or see my cycle through? I got prolactin lh fsh e2 and test done all came back good and in range, they didn't do free test there tho but I'm on test now and still struggling so can't be a testosterone problem...im so scared this is my life now, also there's no way this is in my head this is chemical for sure, i just want to be hounding my wife like crazy again..what other bloods can I do? Any doctors here who can help? Anyone been through this and found the ansewrs? All my research just looks grim! I can't beleive after how high my libido was that this has happened please help!
Welcome. You came to the right place for help, Dont worry, its not as bad as you think it is. Just to be clear you used no artificial inhibitor in your dbol and test cycle?
can you upload your blood works, it would be good for us to see your total test, free test, LH, FSH and E2 levels to name a few. the female panel carries most of this.
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Thanks so much for the reply Milton it offers me some hope.. I'm so worried right now, I've done almost two years like this i wish my bloods showed something so I had something to fix but apparently they are ok, do you know what my options are? I will at this point fly anywhere and do anything, I'm just not the same and i hate it!

Prolactin 253 (85-400
Estradiol 73 pmol (0-135)
Fsh 2.1ul (1-12)
Lh 5.7ul (1-12)
Total test 16.9 (9-25)

The ranges are what they gave me but I'm not sure if they are right I thought e2 was high but their range is from 0-135 which seems massive but idk?
Would take a look at free test just to verify that it's not all bound. Have seen this cause low test symptoms. Wondering what other issues may be going on here because it takes an extremely low test level to crash the male libido. Libido is the last thing to go when test dips low. DHT levels and all others looked good?
Any big changes in personal life around the time of the loss of sex drive? Change of job status, relationship status, loss of loved one......anything traumatic or stressful? Sorry bro......Just trying to rule out depression because that would make a lot more sense. Your blood flow and ability to achieve an erection sounds like a non issue........Just not motivated too? Is that correct? In other words.....this is a libido issue and not an ED issue Right? Just making sure we are addressing the correct issue because they are DEFINITELY NOT one in the same.
Sorry you're goin thru this bro. It will get better
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Thanks late start, it's hard to tell weather it's libido or ed but in any case I have no drive so ed is an issue....i from time to time try cialis and it's still hard for me or impossible sometimes to make it work but I will wake up all night with massive erections....im sure it's not in my head i find it difficult even by myself with no pressure. I did have a great deal of thinning in the hair and I had really thick hair so that's gutting to...so could be dht? Can I have that tested? The only bloods I got I posted (waiting for mods approval).. but what ever happens to me on cycle is happenig again now because I've got worse again being on cycle not better ***128532;***128532; hope i don't loose more hair!!!
Hair loss implies high dht.....possibly. But low libido implies low DHT. If the dht is causing hair loss it should also be causing high sex drive. And yes......you can get tested for dht levels.
Definitely get to the doc and have some tests done. Should be able to get back on track bro. Try not to get too worried about it and just work toward fixing it. Maybe instead of cycling I would try either to recover or start trt and fix the issues from there. Can be damn near impossible to fix when on cycling.....things change too rapidly.
Good luck bro
Thanks for the reply, yeah I don't know what to do bro I never thought this would happen in my worst dream but here I am! I'm spewing with myself I ever touched aas but thought a sneaky cycle to push my training along would be ok...im just going into week
7 now and libido has turned to shit again,
I upped my ai and havnt seen any change yet so not sure what my body is up to. Trt isn't done in new zealand and all docs frown upon it, if you're test levels come below range they eill put you on patches and stuff but I'm in range so they won't look at it, I've read so many cases exactly the same as mine now and nobody knows the answer just oh must be in your head but no way, it's more than that when ya just don't get sex drive at all.
Ok I've managed to find the sweet spot with my ai and I feel amazing I'm in week 7 about to move onto week 8 and I never want to get off hahaha I feel like a king my sex drive is through the roof I just can't stop thinking about it..ive grown a chunk this week too and my apitite is massive. Does this ever have to end haha anyway I so hope I keep my sex drive coming off this time, i will keep you posted but any tips? I'm blasting hcg at the end then nolva clomid pct and I havnt lost size in my nuts doing 250iu e3d so hopefully recovery will go smooth and I bounce back better this time..if not I'm going back on for life becouse I can't live like I have for the last 2 years I'm so stoked to feel like a horny teenage boy again! Can i stay on for 14 weeks or should i pull the pin at 12?