Terrible pain after missed shot


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I have been self-administering Testosterone for about 3 years now. About six months ago, I started using a product not approved in the U.S. called Sustanon. It has really been great, though it is expensive and I have to get it through questionable means.

On Thursday (about 4 days ago), I did 1cc of Sustanon 350 by injection. I don't have much of a butt and miscalculated where I should inject. I went a little higher than I should have, but after aspiration did not see any blood, so I figured it would work.

Later that day, I was working under my deck and my low back, left side started hurting me. Within an hour, I couldn't stand up. It felt like I had thrown my back out, so I figured I would go to the Chiropractor the next day. I was in a lot of pain.

He fixed it about 80%. I could get up and walk and everything felt okay, though there was still some discomfort (Saturday). By Saturday evening, I was in a lot of pain and couldn't hardly move. It felt like my hip was out and standing or sitting was just out of the question. I took a pain pill and slept it off, but the next morning it was worse. I had pain in all my joints, my shoulders were killing me. I had sharp shooting pains down both arms and in both legs. I called my doctor to have an xray and went to lay down when I realized that I had a huge swollen area on the opposite side of where the pain was. It was right where I did my shot and it was swollen about the size of a grapef***t or small melon.

It's sunday night and I started taking Cephalax in case it was infected, and Prednisone for the swelling. It's still swollen and I am still in a lot of pain, but have a Doctor's appointment tomorrow.

Has anyone had this happen and what could be the problem? I think the swelling is causing pressure on my spinal column, but what can I do to resolve this? Any suggestions?
This is pretty common. You just had a bad injection. You probably missed getting it deep into the muscle. It sounds like you now have a sterile abscess. It will take time to dissipate and it will hurt for a while. Just don't rub it and try to leave it alone. Stop having the chiropractor work on that spot too.

Antibiotics won't hurt just in case there is an infection. If you see signs of redness that means it is infected. Or if it gets really hot to the touch.

I would recommend that you stop doing glute injections. They are hard to do by yourself and it is easy to hit a nerve -- which may also be part of your problem here. Stick to the delts, quads and ventroglutes for injections. They are all pretty easy to do yourself.

Back to the abscess. If it gets really bad, you will have to drain it. That means sticking a needle in there and trying to suck it out. Don't let the docs do it because they will just want to slice the whole muscle open. That's much easier and faster for them and they won't care about how hard you worked to build that muscle.

Just give it time and you should be fine.
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Wow sorry to hear of your situation and pain.
Not to just parrot Meg I think he is right on point with his assessment and advice.

Most were my thoughts also not as detailed but most of it by what I know is much to the common sense approach. I compliment you on getting right on it with an MD. So many time on here guys wait thinking we members know it all. AS you are ware most are shooting from the hip ... lol.

Great to bring the info and discussion here.

Good luck and hey bud I gotta ask you to get back with us and let us know so we learn a bit more.

OMM here .... :nerd:

PS: edited, thought this was another pork chop :insane:
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