Test-E/Dbol Cycle complete, cruise to Test/Winny/Proviron?


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Hey guys, I'm new here but after reading and researching for the last several months, I thought I'd come here and ask for opinions.

I'm finishing up a cycle now

Weeks 1-7 250mg Test-e every 3rd day.
Weeks 1-4 30mg dbol daily
Weeks 7-8 250mg HCG every 3rd day

I'm on week 8, and have dropped the test to 125mg twice weekly, waiting on my shipment to come in. I've been loading the needles a little heavy, not compensating for volume in the needle, so my 10 weeks of test is running a little low. Lesson Learned.

I started HCG week 7, after learning I should have ran it throughout the cycle. Lesson learned, and fullness has restored to balls.

I began taking Aromasin around week 3, 12.5mg EOD. Everything was great until around week 5, and my sex drive fell off, and boners were pretty soft. I stopped taking Aromasin, things went back to normal, then fell back off. From all the symptoms, I went from no estrogen to estrogen being too high. I'm now running 12.5 E3D, and things are moving in the right direction, aside from still having no libido. I expect it to be back within a week or so.

All of this being said, I would like to cruise into my second cycle with the goal of being completed with PCT by summer.
What do you think of the following?

Weeks 1-10 500mg Test-e every 3rd day
Weeks 1-10 50mg Proviron ED
Weeks 1-5 50mg Winstrol ED - Should this be weeks 6-10 instead?
Weeks 1-10 250mg HCG every 3rd day

I will have Arimidex on hand and finalize dosing as needed. Aromasin was a little too strong.

I also am planning on running T3 at 25-50mcg daily. I'm going to test for tolerance and find the sweet spot with t3 before adding Winny. I want to be able to identify sides one by one.

PCT after last Test-E injections
Day 1-11 250mg HCG twice weekly
Day 15 200mg Clomid, 40mg Nolvadex
Day 16-37 50mg Clomid, 20mg Nolvadex

Current stats:
28 years old, been weightlifting for 12 years

I started my first cycle in hopes of transforming and gaining muscle and strength while dropping body fat. I have done exactly that, and I am very happy with the results. I am hoping to land around 12% or so by the end of the 2nd cycle.

I have not done bloodwork, which I know I should have before I started. I will be doing so in the next week if libido doesn't return.

All input is welcome, positive and especially negative. You guys are much more experienced than myself, and I hope to learn from you.
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I train 6 days a week. Push, Pull, Legs, repeat.
I also typically do HIIT 1-2 days a week.
2435 calories a day, 186g protein, 220g carbs, 96g fat. I am within 5% of these numbers every day.
No it's not easy, especially considering I travel 3-5 days a week as well.
You have no idea what's going on with your estrogen or your aromasin dose but yet you plan to continue forward with this? I will say aromasin isn't stronger then adex and has a shorter half life. Most would typically start off with 12.5mgs a day. Yes, daily doses. I would say at your posted body fat and dose of test, this would be a good sarting point to go with until you get bloodwork done. Hcg should be used at your posted dose throughout the whole cycle up until pct.
You got a lot of loose ends that need tied up! You are experiencing negative sides but your guessing at them. Chasing your tale so to speak. Cruising between cycles is not a good idea at all at your stage. I'm assuming this is your first cycle. 7 weeks of test e isn't even really a cycle. It just started getting good. 12 weeks would've been your target.
You should honestly do a pct which yours you posted is a little off. Cut your losses on this cycle and do your research. Your ed isn't going to fix itself. Not the way your going about it either. There are stickys that you definitely need to read. The beginner cycle stickys would be one of them. Your heading into disastrous territory. Your second cycle isn't good at all. Do a proper pct which is posted in the beginners cycle sticky, read up on bloodwork and how to do a proper cycle. Everything you need to know period can be found in the ology faq's thread. Give that a read too. When your done reading, come back with questions.
I would also add that your stats are probably putting your body fat a lot higher than you think it is. You need to get the diet down first before hopping on gear. Otherwise your just wasting time and money.
The plan to move forward is reliant on ironing out the estrogen levels, of course. I do also have the option of using the test that's in the mail to continue out to 12 weeks, then hop on PCT.

Can you clarify on why the second cycle isn't good at all?

Also, I'm pretty confident the 18% is close. Calipers put me at 13%, but we know those do not account for anything below the surface.
I'm pretty short and stocky, even when I'm cut down. I'm squatting just under 400lbs, and benching low 300s, if that gives you an idea.