Testosterone flu or more?


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Hi, this is my first post and i wanted to talk about something I can't seem to get my head around. I did research on gear for about 5 months before I finally decided to do a testosterone enanthate cycle. I know a couple people that cycle on and off and one that blasts and cruzes so they were very helpful with any questions I had but I still did my own research anyways. I only got into a months cycle until I couldn't workout anymore due to how sick I got and it was bad! Everyone kept saying it's test flu just push through it and you'll be fine. I quite the cycle and the gym and took myself to the hospital (with no insurance) and they ended up going as far as doing a spinal tap on me to make sure I didn't have a deadly disease. I forget what it was called because I was in the hospital overnight and they told me as soon as I woke up from not sleeping for 20 hours. They asked if I used needles or had cut myself on a piece of metal or something and I told them no to both. Maybe I should have just been honest but I didn't wanna tell the doc I was using steroids. They said I had an infection that got into my blood stream and said it's similar to limes disease but that it wasn't limes disease. He said this infection is common amongst addicts who do drugs intravenously. Anyways, 4,000 dollars later and a bottle of antibiotics and I was back to normal in less than a week. All that being said, my curiosity is...is it possible many people may be knicking a vein on their way in and letting sick from that somehow? I need to get that hospital information and post what the actual diagnostic was. Maybe it would help someone. This was last August and I've been thinking about giving it one more shot before I do away with the test e that I still have from last year.


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Welcome. You only did a 1 month cycle? and you quit it? did you do pct? how many mg's of test did you cycle? did you include hcg in your 1 month cycle?