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Any one here heard of this? There is a huge buzz about it on elite. i was just looking for some info on the stuff. What are the sides? Is it safe for all ages? Any other warnings. Is it just like an normal ECA stack? Any comments would help. I am really intrested in this product.:afro:
I have tried it. It is the best thing I have tried for fat burning better than the NYC's....

I am starting Tren 100 mg e/d with this stuff

I definately would try it but really only start with 1 pill at a time. Its very strong.

It zapped my hunger as well.

I dont know why it works so well. Some of the ingredients are stuff thats available in other fat burners...vinpicetene, DMAE, B vitamins

It has over 20 ingredients in there so its loaded with potency like no other fat burner I tried.

I fell warm as hell and I was soaked with sweat in a t-shirt training back tonight much more sweat than usual.

Im on my 4th day of Thermorexin.Started on 1 cap AM and 1 cap mid afternoon,didnt feel any different.Upped it to 2 caps at a time and still dont feal any different,Suppose ill have to give it a little time.
It is a GREAT product. After two weeks I can still only take 2/day. Stacked with clen and T3 it would melt the fat off.
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I thought you were not supposed to use it with any other Thermogenics.Macro? Ulter?

You CAN but when you first start Thermorexin you'll need to find your comfort zone. To the average person it's very powerful so we recommend you try it alone and one cap to avoid any problems like nausea or dizzyness. Then work your way up.
I am using it with T3 but I can't get past 4/day and I like 3/day better. There are people who take 6/day with 12 clen (one pro I know 8 weeks out).

Some people don't "feel" anything. They are just resistant to the stimulation. There is a 140 pound female who is using 6/day and takes one at 8PM and sleeps at 10PM like a baby. HTF she does that I don't know.
It's not important to feel it. Even though it's more fun heating up.
You may not feel the heat if you're on a low carb diet. Like DNP it needs carbs to heat you up. If you find yourself taking extra trips to the bathroom all day on it, it's working.
Your workouts should be much better. Most people, like me, are reporting that cardio is a breeze and when you're weight training you feel like you could "do your routine twice today".

As far as other products with some of the ingredients...
Thermorexin has very powerful forms of the ingredients in it. Not the cheaper ones. It also has an uptake enhancer so you need to take less of what's in it and you'll get a higher bloodlevel.
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I’m on day 5. The first time you take it, it hits you pretty hard. Not hard as in "jittery", just an overall "jacked" feeling. After a few days I was able to add more. In the battle between eq hunger and t-rex, t-rex scored a TKO.
Thanks for the info Ulter.I just thought i would have felt it due to the fact i am very sensitve to any stimulants.20mg of Ephedrine has me wired to bits.
It's a different kind of stimulant much closer to caffeine than to ephedrine. How well do you handle caffeine?
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Thermonex has worked wonders for me..........personally, I would say that Thermonex is right up there with DNP for fat burning abilities. I had to try it to believe it myself.
wow... I want to grab some of this, but i got a new bottle of NYC... so ill hve to waite a little while....
I am sensitive to Caffeine also_One Prolab 200mg Caffeine tab and i feel wired.Probably because i dont drink coffee ect....
That's very strange because the Thermorexin would give you the same amount of caffeine as that Prolab that makes you feel wired.
If you can handle it that well go up.