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Started TRT a month ago. 200mg test, 1mg ana, 1,000iu hCG per week. 1/2 Monday morning and 1/2 Thursday evening. hCG mornings before.

36, epileptic male with low T, 5' 10" 154.2 lbs and 13.6%bodyfat according to scale. Av is a month and about 8 or 9 pounds ago. 145lbs then.

Getting back into lifting. I'm a hard gainer. Never did weights till my 20s. Martial arts, boxing and stuff. If it's a fitness test like gym class or military style I've always excelled. All the men are relatively skinny except a cousin who is huge. Even in old age.

I've done high volume training before and my reps don't work out doing 3-4 sets with 8 reps and 4 exercises. If the first set I reach failure at 8 reps I'll be at 5 reps on the last set. Or I dont hit failure in earlier sets. I'll be at 16 reps on the first set when I got 8-10 on the last set.

I trained with my Dad and he had dropped his number of sets but went harder with negatives and forced reps as he got older. I made the best gains. Still do. HIT in theory. I didn't discover that branch till afterwards. I dont follow a specific theory or persons version. I just do a lift till I think I'm going to crap my pants or pass out. Slow controlled reps. If I got over 12 reps I push up the weight most of the time. Aiming for 5-6 reps. Then forced reps, negatives, partials and sometimes a drop set.

General warm up > couple warm up sets > every set to failure with extra. Flat bench, rows and deadlift are the hardest pushed.

'Back workout
DB Pullover: 2 warm up sets 1 heavy set
Bent BB row
DB row
Bent shrug
Rear Fly
BB curl

Squat 2 warm up and a decent set
Extension /Curls
Calve raises
*I've thought about deadlifting first but I squat starting with the barbell on the ground and thats where it goes when I'm done. Weight in front. No catches or safteys. I want heavier squats so I do them early*

Slight incline bench: 2 warm up 1 decent set
Flat bench
DB Fly finished with DB presses
Overhead DB extension.

I'm just going to positive failure now. About 2 workouts per group so far. Each body part getting hit once a week. 2-3 more weeks and I'll add on the intensity. I have a generic 1" bar "home gym". It works but that's what I'm working with.

Increased calories with 2,500 A day till yesterday or so when I set a goal of 3000. Medication and epilepsy causes "anorexia" and I don't get hungry and can feel physically I'll after eating. It basically gone at this point. I'm a house husband. Laundry, dishes, dinner. All that.

This is just the start. Goals are to bench and squat 225 for some reps and deadlift 300 for some reps. From then on I just want to see how many reps I can get. Ive benched over 200 a couple times in the past. Almost got 2 full reps. Ive deadlifted 220 by 10 relatively recent. I've had a couple huge ups and downs over the last 3 years. Lowest weight being about 137lbs and heaviest 162lbs. See what I look like when I get those numbers above for more than 2 reps.

Shred it . .
To keep testicles functioning mostly. If something happened and I have to stop I don't want atrophied testicles. Same reason some people use it during steroid cycles.

If why that dose. . . Because that's a start point I guess. High end of most "theraputic" ranges.
Curious how you are doing working toward your goals. Also are you still with same exercises or have you changed anything up? Curious if you are still going to positive failure on each and every set. Seems a bit over the top intensity wise to continue every workout, but then again we are all different. Updates please.

By the way....Happy New year.
Slacking working out during the holidays. I've missed this whole week. Tomorrow morning is do or die. Everything except warm up, I Bench and squat to positive failure or form suffers enough.

Switched to
I Bench 2 warm ups and a hard set
Flat to failure
DB Fly to press
Skull crushers

Bent row
DB row
1 arm pull down
High rep rear fly
DB shrug
BB curl
*I can't get my back sore and want a good one so I hit back hard.

Squat 2 warm up and till form suffers.
Dead lift
Standing calve raises
*I'm not built for squatting. I do front squats with my arms crossed. I can get it from a good seated position on my bench spinning the bench racks backwards. By scissoring my hands and raising my elbows I can roll the weight on when my core and legs are set.

Warm up sets are based on how I feel. Reps are up on stuff. Last back workout I added a couple reps on 50lb DB row. 10 Reps to 12 reps. 5 reps to rear flies but I think it's learning muscle rec***ting. Only 4 pound but 25 slow reps burns and form beaks. I've slacked eating and went from about 166 I think to 164. Been hitting calories for 3 days.

Last back workout
Bent row 30 lbs x 20 / 50lbs x 15 / 100lns x 6
DB row 50lbs x 12
1 arm pull down 40lbs x 12
Rear fly 4lbs x 25
DB shrug 50 lbs x 9
BB curl 60lbs x 7 with 1 negative after cheating it up when I hit the sticking point.

Takes 30-45 minutes.

I did a bench drop set after 2 warm uos of 160 x 6 > 150 x 1 with 1 spotted >120 x 2 with 1 spotted > 100 x 3. All I can say is I was in the moment. At 120lbs All I could do was focus on the electrical tape on the bar and mentally scream at my burning muscles to contract. The last three reps my sternum between my pecs was burning. Single drop set workout. My chest, tri's and my sides were even sore.
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When I was younger I pushed through the holidays depriving myself of everything......not so anymore. Besides it's always okay to take a bit of time to recoop....physically and mentally.

It looks like you are pretty much broke down to Chest/Tri's /// Back/Bi's //// and then legs? That's pretty much how I split. Do you do any direct work for your delts?

In original post you said each body group hit once per week. Still same??

I just started the TRT as well, which I know you have seen me over in that forum. I know the TRT alone isnt going to make anyone Mr USA but if your T was low its gotta help. With that in mind it would be cool to see updates from time to time on how your progressing. I plan on doing the same starting soon, if not just to give an idea of how I progress with the TRT but also to provide motivation for myself.

SO....KEEP US UPDATED and good luck Brother!
Yeah still once a week for a muscle group! No direct delt work. Rear delta need some focus. Lifetime of boxing and stricking has my front delt more developed.

I don't know why my pictures rotate. This morning

Didba full body workout this morning I will be bhsybforba couple days. Next workout will be wary next week. WHOA. I feel good now but I took a little longer break between switching body parts. Started with legs, push then pull. I dropped several exercises and did drop sets on deadlift, BB rows and the fly/press.
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Lookin' good bro. Keep updating from time to time.

Also I am very curious as to how you feel on TRT? More energy, confidence...any changes??? Looks like you been doing it now for about 3 months so I am curious about any types of changes you may have noticed that you feel are from the TRT. I am just starting so I have no idea what to expect with regard to that. I have taken a prolonged break (about 3 weeks) from training but I think my body needed it. Anyway when I do start back up it will be with a little added testosterone thanks to the TRT.
First thing I noticed was having better days. Then looking back over the day I was calmer and now I thinks is self confidence. Motivation is up. My mind is sharper but I have issues with memory and stuff anyway. I've actually became more "nurturing" and caring for my wife, kids and animals. I'm not lovey dovey but I'm no longer acting like a drill sergeant.

I've fallen back into old habits of behaviour which sets me back lifting, making gains and even physically. Putting off eating, lifting and other directly personal things to do some task. Im still more productive. But ive went from 5am to 1pm and realized I hadn't ate or drank anything except coffee.

I have pretty high test and personally, as expected, elevated estrogen. I feel good. Erections daily, libido and sexual fantasies have returned. Nipple soreness is less than sides from some AED drugs.

I feel differences and ebbs and flows. The day after or so depending on morning or evening injection of test I'm pretty dominate feeling. I got my position and taking it probably ain't worth the hassle. That feelings returned. HCG days I have the highest libido, # of erections and manually relieve myself. It's not the pounce on the sexy wife it's like she is the sexiest lake in the world and I've been in the desert. Still feeling I'm in my position and sound in it. A kinda overlapping waves.
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My doc started me at what could probably described at a low dose (100mg every 2 weeks). Not sure what it will do for me but after the injection on Thursday I have not noticed a thing. Just curious what I might expect.

I didn't really think of it as a possible thing with the TRT but I have also since getting the injection have found myself busy and then my diet app letting me know to enter breakfast or lunch or whatever and I hadnt. So maybe something similar there but I write mine off as the holidays. Will be more strict day after tomorrow. Luckily I keep protein bars handy (30g) so when I get warned I shove one down.
About week 4-5 I really felt the onset and now at about week 16 I feel peaked out. This has been a strange ride. As psychological and physical. A contradiction of sorts. More dominate, self confident and motivated yet I am more patient, calmer and less likely to get mad. But anger is a "secondary emotion" caused by saddness, irrigation, frustration or emotionally uncomfortable situations according to the couch doctors.
Good to hear that it is not something (feelings of well being) that hit you with first injection. Will be getting second in two more days and honestly never felt any better or any worse. I found your updates over in the TRT section so following along over there.
That thread will be the most accurate. I lose my references to time very quickly. Yesterday can seem like a couple days ago. A week seem like last month and past that it's almost am estimation.