Training with carpal tunnel


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Anyone else here been diagnosed with carpal tunnel ??

It was by chance I recently found out...I have blood work done every 3 month as I have hemochromatosis...

My last visit the doc aksed me how I have been feeling...the usuall I told him, but I had been experiencing some numbness in my left arm when wakeing in the he refered me to the neuorologist & sure enough she ran the tests & come to find out I have carpal tunnel...she was suprised to hear that I had not noticed it sooner, as she stated that it is pretty bad in my left arm, more so than in my right...

She gave me some braces to wear at night, to see if it helps the problem at all...

But untill I was diagnosed I had not given it much thought to my training & now loooking back how weak my grip has been becoming, shit I have to use straps for every damn set for back almost, but I had not paid much attention to my decrease in grip strength nor gave it a second thought till I was diagnosed...

This sux...I am not too sure I want to go under the knife to get it fixed just yet...though everyone I know who has had the surgery, is VERY happy with the end result..



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I have been dealing with carpel tunnel for a while. I experience some pain when training and the numbness in my hands and arms when I'm sleeping. The thing that helps me most is wrapping my wrists. I always wear wrist wraps and tighten them when doing my sets. It immobilizes my wrists to some degree and seems to help the pain. There was a thread about Nike power cage lifting gloves that I haven't been able to find but they look like they would help also.