Tren A Question


I can't believe it actually Worked!!! I figured it would take me at least 3 tries before I got good clean Tren. I ended up with about 96 mls of Tren. I guess it is 100mg/ml concentration. I used a 10 gram kit.
I also have a question. After everything was said and done, in my 100 ml vial there was what looked like ribbons or swirls all up and down in the bottle. It was hard to see as it was almost the same color as oil. I put bottle in hot water bath and swirled it around until ribbons were gone,(this only took about 10 seconds). Will I need to do this often? This morning it still looks good. I just didn't know if this was normal.

Well anyway,It's time for my first inject, hope I don't get the cough.
Wish me luck.
you could heat it longer next time say another 10 minutes and this will take care of that
Hows it going? `

Hey SSWW, whats your current cycle going to end up being? just tren? How much/frequency of injects, ect..What are your stats? Keep us posted on your results..I'm very curious to see your results...

Peace out my man,