tren cycle help


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ok.. this would be my 3rd cycle so I need some good advice.

Im 27, 200lbs, 14%bf and going on my 3rd cycle. By the way, I am trying to cut down body fat and put on lean muscle at the same time.

I would like to do this.

-300mg of Tren A weekly for 6 weeks (75mg 4 times a week)
-400mg of Test Prop weekly for 8 weeks (100mg 4 times a week)
-300-500iu of HCG every 5 days through PCT

I am not sure about post cycle therapy (pct) for this though. For my 1st 2 cycles, I did both clomid and nolva 2 week after my last injection. For this, I read not to use nolva... so help me out aith any addtions to the cycle and what to do for PCT.


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I believe it's safe to use Nolva/Clomid once the tren has cleared your system, which is pretty fast with Ace.

Someone with tren experience chime in...