Tren+sus or Deca+sus.proviron or tamoxifen


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5,9 165 16%bf 30yrs.
Have just got cycle ready (ordered last year when talk of town!)but keep reading negative stuff bout deca?
Am gonna take overall opinion on this one as im sure there will be a mass of different ideas(stonecold i`ll be listening very closely).

Ok the box contains: 20 sus (pakistani)
15 deca (norma)
100 anabol(ugh!)
100 nolva
100 proviron (love it)
30 clomid
9 times 1500iu hcg

Will be second time round for me first was just sus,ouch!
I think i got it sussed! But got a little confused with a few different threads i read .Doh! u guys


Any ideas guys. And whats so bad bout old fashioned deca then it was the dogs not so long ago . im soooo yesterday.

personnly i wouldnt run Sustanon (sust), i'd run a single ester like test enanthate here's wht my cycle looks like

week 1-4 dbol 30mg
week 1-13 deca 400mg
week 4-13 test ent 500mg
I assume this is your first cycle.

I would go with susta 500mg EW for 10 weeks.
skip the other juice...too much stuff for a first timer
how long have you been training at 5,9 165 16%bf you should be able to still make gains without juice eat more if your definately gonna do it and dont care about what ppl tell u then run 500mg sus 10 weeks
Been training for 3yrs was a ,small build ,fat couch potato then and have turned body shape upside down.
As i mentioned first cse was sus ,at 1ml a wk with primobolan to match which was a real boost and gave me a good foundation to work on but my gains have slowed right up now despite uppin the calories.
Thanx for replies.I started ball rollin lastnight 1sus 150deca to be repeated thurs so twice a week with 1 nolva 1 proviron 30mg bols every day.Bols for 3 wks.

Can u see any probs so far guys
wannabmassive how come u didnt start and finish with test i thought the esters would have brought u off nice.Or will it kick around same time with enth.
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the things is tat ent and dbol are very androgenic so i figured that i would start the test after the dbol but now i rekkon i will carry the test on p[ast the decca 2 weeks to make it ;like this

deca 1-13

test ent 4-15
sounds cool,how far into it r u now? Also to anyone who has a veiw on it ;is there a down side to takin a thermo pill ie;lean system 7 or hydroxycut(both similar) while on cse.
cheers then!
masstastic im curently on week 4 so i havent sarted the test yet i took my pics and stats before this cycle and i weighed 13 stone now 4 weeks later i have put on 1 stone but not all solid mass obivously there is some water there