Twinlabs predigested collogen protein ?


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Anyone try this protein. they state "The protein used in this product is a predigested collagen and whey
lactalbumin protein and is therefore utilized 100%" where are the scientists on this board so they can break it down for me.
being in the field

it is really scary where most "reputable companies"

get there protien powders from, and how.

kinda like hot dog stories that we all hate to hear.

companies like OSMO and form what I am gathering

Sport Lab who will share product here

qaulity controll is a huge issue..........and it sickens me how marketing covers the deciet and lies by so many companies

vitamins and nutricueticals are a whole other bag of worms

guess where most calcium pills come from for example??

crushed egg shell refuse form chicken manufacturers........

yes it calcium, but the mark up to the consumer cannot be justified, plus the science behind it is weak.

collogen has a worst story behind it......and so does some wheys

depending on who its coming from

the powder supp industry is no different..............and these lies are shoved down our collective mouths for what?

for the profits of con artists..........