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Something I found of interest today regarding a convo about all the busts, etc.

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Well brothers, I'm out. Any of ya thats been roaming around know its gettin really bad for guys like us. I posted on meso about 3 weeks ago that when domestic sources start gettin popped it's time to worry. Well they started gettin popped. I wont go away however. After all, its not illegal to talk about roids right? So i'll still dish out advice when i can. Dont be fooled. There is no 100% method but i'll share the best advice i can give. Rule#1 NO FUCKING INTERNATIONAL SOURCES. Customs is scanning most of the packages coming through now so just dont think about it. RULE #2 ONLY TRUSTED DOMESTIC SOURCES. If you have to ask if they are legit, there not. Nuff said. The most important thing is no matter how much you think you need it, you dont have to have your gear right damn now. If you cant find a good U.S source, dont risk it, just wait a while. Your freedoms not worth a few pounds. And to all the feds out there. Im currently doing my last cycle. Thats it. There wont be any more shipments comin to ole' BFA's house. If any of ya have questions about the law and how it works, i'll always be lurking in the shadows. Good Luck And ALWAYS STAY SAFE!!!


yep yep, my international source has not had a seizure in the last 2 years, not a single one....I got a letter yesterday from the good ol customs agents saying they gonna destroy my package and case will be closed.


sure hope you stay active on the board bro

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Smart move BFA. There does to be some unusual activity of late. It could be linked to efforts to justify getting phormones banned.

3xKrazy says to chill the F out....

for real. sources get busted all the time, lets not start retiring our syringes or whatever due to some BS at Meso.. and i disagree with rule #1. if youre intl. source knows what he's doing and is shipping out of a relatively 'safe' country, you'll be fine. i know this firsthand. anyways, heres something that some dude posted at another board. he basically said what i just said, only he put it a little more eloquently....

A lot of us have been very nervous about busts and getting busted. Just like a lot of us became nervous about flying and traveling after the terrorist attack.

The reason for this is human nature. We don't hear about all the people who don't get busted. But when someone does, it's on the board and in our face. When we truly analyze the odds for what they are, our chances of being busted are rather small.

Consider there are 1000,000 active accounts as the home page with the pretty girl says. Now let's be conservative and say 10% of these people do 1 cycle every 6 months. That's 20,000 deliveries a year. Out of those, how many home deliveries get busted? Let's say 20. How many of those do time? Maybe 5 or 6? Please feel free to adjust these numbers because it's really not my point.

If our odds truly are 1 in 4,000 that we'll serve any time, is it worth holding back? Not for me. But let's say we hear about all these busts as each one gets a dedicated thread. I understand how comforting it is to come here for sympathy and advice so we get to hear all the sordid details of our fallen brethren and our sympathy and fear grows. So we stop ordering to "Lay LOW" for a few months.

Well what that does is screw the odds against those of us who do. If there are 100 DEA agents for every 10,000 personal shipments and half of us stop ordering because we're too scared our chances of getting busted double.

So please, stop cowering. I know people get busted. We roll the dice. Suppliers don't make it any easier for us as they continue to offer substantial discounts on bulk orders which definitely raises the stakes and the DEA's interest. But look at the numbers objectively. If 1 in 4000 personal deliveries results in jail time (i'm still talking conservatively here), we have better chances winning local sweepstakes for a free mountainbike or car stereo system. How many of us eagerly enter mountainbike raffles thinking we'll win?

My advice to the underground community is to continue ordering. Order more often and in smaller ammounts. This lowers the penalty should we get caught. Flood the delivery channels with small fish as the DEA's resources ARE LIMITED and they won't be able to keep up with more orders. And don't let the few posts about personal busts ruin our way of life. Remember, if you stop ordering, they have already won.


BFA. I guess this pretty much answered my question that I posed to you a few weeks earlier. I am glad you have finally reached this decision and wish you the best in your pursuits, hopefully they will not be against any of us (ha-ha). I do have a few legal questions that I am hoping you could answer before you fly to far from the coop. You say that it is not illegal to talk about steroids but can anybody be monitoring a board such as this one here and be taking notes on screen names and possibly finding IP addresses on computers so on an so forth to track who is who and then could the statements made on these boards be used against you to prosecute you? Would this not be illegal because you have talked about doing certain things or have said you have done certain things, sorta like an admission of guilt. Sorta hard to deny if someone shows up at your door and you are in possesion of certain items. Other question. You stated to only use Domestic Sources. Why is this? Is it not as scrutinized at this time? Is it any less safe for someone who uses the postal system, UPS, or FedEx domestically to mail items to other people? Thanks for any help and sorry for being so long winded.

BFA to 3x and RU

3X,Due to the fact that im a cop, i have everything to lose if im caught. My career would be over. period. I have some friends in customs as well as a few other high places, and they have assured me that this is not just a big coinky dink. Customs has gone from scanning about 1 out of every 100 to 200 packages to around 1 out of 15 or 20. How its shipped or the packaging make no difference since any vials or amps stand out like a sore thumb. Also Customs opened the c-3 (cyber smuggling) unit that goes after this type of stuff, roids ,child porn you name it. If it crosses the borders then their on it. You can read about the c-3 unit on the us customs web page. Now RU, Law Enforcement does use the method you described to a certain extent but on a site like T-mag where any kind of sensitive info is not allowed they are pretty much shut down just because any info they do get is pretty vague. Another tactic used is they will tag shipments coming through and let you recieve 3 or 4 times to show a pattern of criminal intent. (i.e accepting the orders, not returning them and so on) that would make it much harder to prove that it was "all a big mistake". You really dont have to worry though because they will only use the effort to go after the big ones. I will say that Chronic was busted because he was being way to open on meso, and that is how the feds actually got ahold of his shipment of GH. He'll also be the first to tell you that when they busted him they had all of his bank records, transactions, you name it. Because of things like Rick Collins book, the feds are making sure that when they do a bust they enough on you so that you cant get off on some tiny detail. But!!!! let me say again as long as your not dealing or ordering internationally. Your fine. The reson domestic is safer is because is does not go through the borders and get inspected by customs. I gotta eat but i'll answer any more questions ya throw at me. STAY SAFE!!!


i for one am ecstatic to know that my tax dollars are hard at work. seriously, THERE HAS JUST GOT TO BE more important issues for our vaunted customs dept to interject themselves on. i can just see their conversation, {btw bill we need to do something about these musclemen. they are preventing me from getting laid by my own wife who now thinks i'm fat} [ok bob we'll devote 98% of our troops to finding those infernal stee-roids.] sad sad sad


Where do you think most domestic sources get their supplies from? International sources. While caution is in order, international sources are still quite reliable and the postal service is doing as lame a job as ever at intercepting packages. Even if a package gets intercepted, in most cases all you get is a notice from customs, and a free (or low cost) reship from the supplier. The situation is no where near as bleak as you make out.


ironcowboy to BFA Thanks BFA, that is some great information you laid on us! Rainbow, that is hilarious! At least ancillaries purchased internationally don?t seem to be a problem. I've purchased things like clomid, nolvadex, etc. in Mexico, always declared them when asked, and the border guards just wave me on by. One of these times they may say to themselves, "hmm, he has THIS stuff maybe I should search for steroids". But that?s never happened. They may be thinking that if I'm openly declaring stuff like clomid, I wouldn't be so stupid as to actually have steroids on me--would I? Risky if you do have actual steroids on you, but I've been told by a lot of border locals that if they find pills they will just confiscate them and let you go, that the guards only care about injectables or larger quantities than you can fit on your person. I?m not saying this last bit by personal experience just that is what I?ve heard. As far as steroids, my sense is that if you asked the average citizen about steroid use by the typical 30 yo male, they wouldn't give a shit. What they would be concerned about is use by MINORS. And the feeling being that the more there is in circulation, the more likely clueless and careless minors, THEIR BABIES, are to get their hands on some. Think about it, does it make the headlines if some middle-aged guy is caught with 200 dbol, not in my town. But if that was a high school dude, you can bet it would be on the evening news with additional stories about rampant steroids use by our kids. Most vets here are good about warning young guys to wait till say after 21. I think this is good advice, and if everyone did that it would go long ways to getting the pressure off. But that?s not going to happen so be discreet with your sources.


i whole heartedly agree with rainbow. there are well established patterns of behavior as drug users are concerned. there are direct links and very predictable behavior to lets say a person using heroin. generally speaking these people will travel the same destructive, criminal path. same goes with some other drugs. steroids just simply are not one of them. who in the hell creates the agenda these agencies follow? dont get me wrong, we are involved in something illegal. but it is idiotic to really say that what we do is as detremental to society as a herion, crack, etc. on another note. BFA, since your out can i have your spot on RSOC's customer list?hehehe
I really think it's time we stop feeding all the hysteria going on and get back to a half assed normal mode.

We should always practise safety when it comes to this little game we chose to play.
StoneColdNTO said:
I really think it's time we stop feeding all the hysteria going on and get back to a half assed normal mode.

We should always practise safety when it comes to this little game we chose to play.

amen brother Stone

I hear that.

StoneColdNTO said:
I really think it's time we stop feeding all the hysteria going on and get back to a half assed normal mode.

We should always practise safety when it comes to this little game we chose to play.
StoneColdNTO said:
I really think it's time we stop feeding all the hysteria going on and get back to a half assed normal mode.

We should always practise safety when it comes to this little game we chose to play.
I agree 110%
StoneColdNTO said:
I really think it's time we stop feeding all the hysteria going on and get back to a half assed normal mode.

We should always practise safety when it comes to this little game we chose to play.

absolutely stone