What is Kynoselen? what is it used for? and how does it apply to bodybuilding?


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my freind is tellingme i should do like 4cc of this every other day and it will shred me up like asap i dont believe it. has anyone used it? and what types of results have u guys gotten from it. im abou to start a cutting cycle and wanna know some details. thanks guys i hope this isnt a stupid question.

kynoselene is a spot injecting fat burner i believe......it is usually used on pigs if i recall. ive heard mixed reviews on it, nicole should be able to give you some 1st hand experience on it
Billy_Bathgate said:
For me

I wouldnt use it again even if it was free. Not worth the shots even.

Damn Bro .... I keep seeing such mixed results with kyno. Some hate it and some swear by it. Seems about 50% of people say they have seen results and the other half saw jack. HMMMM.....

I am considering using some post-cycle. Just to help with anti-catabolism, don't expect any gains. You think it might help with this a little. It's fairly cheap so ...
Ya.. I dont know. I ran it and so did Mr Nobody back a couple summers ago when it first hit the scene. There is an extensive journal somewhere at AF, dont have a link though.

Anyways, I noticed more sweating. Thats it. Didnt feel more energetic. Didnt notice any aid to fat burning.

The shots sting like hell Sub-q and about 1 out of 5 shots I would have an allergic reaction to it that would cause local swelling for about an hour.

I was doing 2cc ED too just to really push it and try it out. I ran it for 6wks I think.
Painful shots, allergic reactions, swelling ..... man this stuffs sounds great. lol

Ya, I'm still up in the air though. I'm finnishing up a semi-long fina/test cycle and really looking for anything that will help with anti-catabolism. Plus Im tring to loose BF, so trying to keep cals/carbs low .... which isn't ideal post cycle.

im definatly not wasting my money on it i will just buy some t3. lol thanks for the responces guys i appreciate it.

Ok heres the thing. The AMP in it..come on you really think thats going to really make a noticeable difference on a cellular level. No way man. Sure it may aid in energy, but an injectable component like that, which is in fact water based, would be used up so fast. I see no way in wich it could even be primarily used by muscles either.

Hepitaminol...I will say I did sweat more. Not more energy, no more endurance, just sweated more. Possibly in relation here. However, I wonder how much better it would be than taking an ordinary asprin. Different effect albeit, but similar outcome. More blood flow.

The rest...eat your meat and veggies.

If i was going to do this type of product, It would be plain B-12.

I have nothing against Mr Kyno personally really, I just dont like it and though it was about a waste.
I paid $75 a damn bottle for that crap, 3cc ed. I might as well got some IP anavar. Either of them are worth a penny. I still have a lump in my middle ab from that stuff, it just hasnt gone away. Hurts like a bitch, and it made me very dizzy. I think Yohimburn is better for spot reducing fat, never noticed to much either off that, but at least it doesnt sting like an MFer.
Billy_Bathgate said:
For me

I wouldnt use it again even if it was free. Not worth the shots even.

Ive been using it the past month with pretty good results at 1cc every day. I shoot it into my thighs and calves with an 1/2in. 29g insulin syringe. No pain at all. Little sorenesss, but very bearable. Billy is right though, its not worth sticking yourself every day. Your better off using Winstrol (winny) if your willing to stick yourself everyday and want to get shredded. As far as results, my vascularity has increased greatly and my abs are much more defined.