I tried to let me testosterone come back naturally after 3 years of cycling


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So it's been over a year since I decided to come off of trt and cycling in general and I've decided I need to come back on..

I thought my testosterone has recovered but I know I'm lying to myself.

ever since I've came off of test over the past year the spring in my step has been fading.. my joints are starting to hurt and crack a lot more. The weird thing is that I still get erections and have a pretty solid sex drive.. not what it was in my teens or on cycle but I think it's normal? I seem to injure myself a lot easier and it just feels like i'm in a much older body (i'm only 28) can you still have a solid sex drive and have no issues with getting it up with low T?

I have not gotten blood work but I will before I start TRT... although by my symptoms i'm 99% certain I did not recover. I already have some stuff ordered and waiting on it to arrive.

Yes I made stupid decisions when I was young and a price has to be paid, I'm well aware.

I thought I would be able to recover since I was young and I POSSIBLY did but I highly doubt it. I seriously feel like i'm in the body of a 50 year old man.

This was 3 years of blasting with TRT btw.. I never came off. You guys think there is any chance of recovery or should I just bite the bullet and come back on TRT?
Blood my friend will tell all. And yes you can have low T and not have any libido issues

Full male hormone panel and go from there. Thyroid. Vitamin deficiency checks. Look into it before trt again. You plan on having children one day?
take a good look at your labs and that will tell you in what direction you should go. diet, lifestyle can also affect your levels.
I quit TRT after being on for 3 years straight with levels averaging about 1000ng/dl and recovered to levels of about 550ng/dl. It's really hard to mentally guess if you are recovered or not you need to get blood work. I also went and saw a doctor and got real pharmacutical Clomid, and also used some nolvadex that was pharmacutical quality to. I lived a really healthy life style while getting off TRT and tried to do lots of different exercises out side of the normal bodybuilding routine to try and shock my system. It's been about 2 years or more since I have been off and everything is going great, but I do miss having the insane libido TRT gave me ***128514;.

You posted in 2018 about your deca depression issue/ feeling detached/ emptiness / No libido.

You never updated weather you got better or not

if you could please update us on your situation of how things are for you now. if you have to rate your libido/erections what would they be now

also the worst one is the mental side that you described completely fits me and everything you said is what i’m going thro. so did the axiety left?
are you attached to reality now? can you feel thinfs like before?

Please update us and let us know what happened!!

also what UGL were u using when u used Test E and deca