Whats are the best things to eat after a work out


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Ive read that its good to consume a protein shake after a work is mandatory but i also read that carbs are good too. This is confusing to me why are carbs good for you after a work out and what kind are good can you guys explain this to me and give me some examples of good post work out meals
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Protein and some carbs (oatmeal and fruit is my choice)
I drink a shake and eat rice cakes. They are probably not ideal but are so yummy and that is the one time I allow myself to have them. Of course the flavored kinds.
Well, I don't know if this what's "best" (as it is a relative term) but most of the time I eat brown rice and some sort of lean protein. I usually consume an equal amount of protein:carbs, slightly in favor of carbs.
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