Whens the store gonna be open!!!!


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I want some of the sportlab products...and Im trying to hold out to buy from this store...whats the deali!
hopefully soon, I've been using sportlab for a while now and its the best I've ever used, I love this stuff
ya, its good, but I LOVE the chocolate whey... that and the iced tea plasmavol!! those two things make up most of my diet!
Thanks for asking.

Were just doing some last minute fine tuning to the site. We should be up and running very soon.

Sorry for the slight delay though. Tx and I had unexpectedly experienced very busy months with our other companies and didnt quite get as much time for the store as we wanted. But the site is up and we're just doing the last minute jobs to it and we'll have it open soon.

Ill keep everyone updated.
Good to hear ,I,m paying way too much for my supps ,your prices seem very reasonable.Anything to support the board.
Yeah, I keep thinking I will have some time, but I haven't had any for the last 8 weeks or so. But I should be ready on my end by this upcoming week.

And I gotta get me some of that plasmavol.
YES YES PLASMAVOL.....thats the stuff Im talking about...this has honestly got to be the most innovative supplement drink to come out in a while!