why are so many people using fina for really long periods?


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some people have been posting how long they have used fina for and how long they want to run it for and a lot of these cycles are really long. like ranging from 12-20 weeks. if someone came on here and said they were going to do deca for 20 weeks, a couple guys reading it would shit their pants on the spot. im just wondering why it seems like fina can be used for a long time without many sides if any?

This is just my opinion, but I dont know why anyone would want to run fina for more than 10 weeks...but at the same time I dont see the point of running any cycle more than 10-12 weeks unless bodybuilding is an actual profession for you.

Again, just my personal opinion.

You make a good point about the deca. Fina shuts you down harder than deca does, and can have more serious sides. I only know of 2 people who ran it for more than 20 weeks, and I question the intelligence of both of them.
Paulos said:

They are both good guys. :D


One of them is cool...the other not so much IMO. :3some:

I just dont see any point in all of running fina that long, especially if it is oh I dont know a first cycle and you end up getting shingles and shit afterwards. :gay2:
He was all good until the last week or so when he started taking mega doses, like 500+mg a day for a week. I agree though that was overboard for both...but that's what they do.

I ran the shit for 8 weeks and it wasn't worth it at all. I won't be using Fina again period.
Paulos said:
He was all good until the last week or so when he started taking mega doses, like 500+mg a day for a week. I agree though that was overboard for both...but that's what they do.

I ran the shit for 8 weeks and it wasn't worth it at all. I won't be using Fina again period.

Ya, those megadoses blew my mind.

I am shocked and appaled that you did not like fina, and have lost all respect for you and therefor wish you a slow death. What were your results?
Cycle was...

500mg Sustanon 1-10
400mg Equipoise 1-10
Finaplix 75mg/ED 8-15

My Finaplix was made by me, double filtered.

I tossed the Fina in at the last minute, I was up 19 pounds or so before I started...by the time I was done I was up 37...

Strength was amazing, Size was good, no idea of the fat burning capabilities since I was eating around 5000 calories a day.

With the Introduction of Fina bench jumped to 385 from 365 in a week, dead went up to 575. Eventually I stopped lifting low volume/heavy weight since I was starting to feel it in my joints and the last thing I wanted was an injury...but I have no doubt that I could have hit up a 400 bench/600 dead without much of a problem if I had not switched my routine up. While I was on it everything was great until the last two weeks.

At that point my hair began falling out at a very rapid rate, it's stopped and mostly regrown now but I did not lose ANY hair whatsoever on test/eq alone.

I also got sick (I never get sick) for about two weeks and was lifting while coughing up green shit.

My lungs locked up twice...it was extremely difficult to breath for a period of about five minutes..I am not sure what this was - Possibly Anaphylactic shock but I could not say for sure.

FINA DICK...probably my own fault for not running test past tren...but I was stuck with a floppy wang for about 4 weeks...

Pumps were so painful that I was literally unable to do Military and had to let blood leave my lower back after deads before continuing the rest of my back routine.

Constant pain in my lower back area too...

The strength/muscle building effects were great, don't get me wrong, but for me personally the sides are just too severe and I do not react well to the compound at all. I probably should have started out with only 6 weeks and ran it at the front end of the cycle but it was my first time using Anabolic Androgenic Steroids (AAS) and I went a little overboard.

What scared me the most was the difficulty with respiration...I only just turned 20 and the last thing I need to be doing is ruining my health and more importantly, my penis, with a drug that I don't react well to.

But Cheers to all of you folks who can handle fina. :D
Shit man that sucks about the sides.

I am one of the few whos sex drive increases on fina for some weird reason. It is probably due to the fact that I am a bitch and therefor have an excess of estrogen in my system.

Fina is weird like that.
Yeah I would have liked to continue using it, the strength was great...but not great enough to forego hair and a wang.
Who got shingles from it? I along with a few others, like Tren for longer periods. After weeks 8 or 9, my muscle gains stop, but it almost seems like from then on, my muscles get a much marder look, and I magically seem to lean up day by day.
I don't get any sides from tren (as long as I've got some test in me) and it seems to work very well even for extended periods of time...
Like ironfist I don't get any sides from tren when running it with test (test is a must with any cycle). I have no problems going 10-12 weeks with tren.
I've been using Fina transdermal since the 1st of March. I haven't had any major sides. I don't get hard as often but that's more a function of the cow sleeping next to me than the Fina, LOL. I can definitely still get a woody. I'm switching to injections this weekend so we'll see if sides get any worse.
I don't think shutdown will be bad for long cycles if you stack with test and throw in some Human Chorionic Gonadotropin (HCG) every 6 weeks. I will probably go 8-9 weeks total depending on how the weight goes. I'm trying to lose and I'm up 4 lbs so far. My major lifts are all up 20-30lbs each.
rjl296 said:
paulos- did you keep most of your gains ??

A good 10-12 pounds of my gains were fat because I was eating way too many cals...

I kept my size gains and lost about 5% of my strength coming off...nothing too dramatic. I think it's an individualized thing though...once I've gained size I don't seem to lose it.
I've ran fina for as long as 12 weeks, but notices it seems to lose it's punch after the 8 week mark.

I know a few guys who have ran it for extended periods of time - Gearedup being one of them. He ran it for 39 weeks, problem free.
I believe the reason most people do it for so long and by itself is a matter of availability for other supplements. It is a matter of do what ya got I guess. I am definitely a big fan of De*a personally. Would love to give EQ a go but that will come in time.
Besides losing my sex drive I experience constant gains in muscle hardness and strength on fina. My cycle length depends on how long I continue to respond and make gains. After my gains are no longer increasing then I will either switch up what I am on or go off for a while. I used to never run a cycle longer than 10 weeks but am now leaning toward longer cycles since I retain more quality muscle from them.
Heyyo said:
LOL, That's fuckin hilarious bro.

I think fina should be run for 4-6 weeks...no longer.
I usually agree with ya Heyyo, but Ill have to disagree here. Its not an oral, so there isnt too much stress on the liver, and if your refrencing the shut down aspect of fina, Deca is usually advocated a minimum of 10-12 weeks, I know fina kicks in sooner. but.....