why does gh do this??


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some people report that gh makes your dick grow. so why does gh make your dick grow what is the science behind this
buffdoc said:
I haven't noticed any growth of the blue-veined diamond cutter; anybody else?

LMAO!:D never heard of it referred to as a blue-veined diamond cutter!
Hmmm interesting thought. There is a method i think called jelking that could make it bigger, or is believed to. I never really looked into it, im pretty content, but if it has a chance at working, bigger cant hurt lol. Anyone more knowledgable in this area have an idea?
What about them guys on National Geographic that have those 3 foot bamboo shrouds, stretching their cock out?

They probably could putt a ball into a hole using their dick...lol.
And it won't grow as much as you Wish it. It might hang a little more or be a little fatter but as we all know nothing makes it grow. You have what you have ,worship it. I hear there a drug in Africa that makes it bigger ,it comes from Elephant tusks. He,he
bigger isnt always the best. im not bragging but sometimes i cant do what i want because my girl complains of pain. doggy style, not happening unless we have been going at it for 15 minutes or so, and i cant even go all the way in.. it sucks guys.