Why some steroids are better for strength than others


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I noticed for a person that wants to focus on mainly strength with less reps and long rest breaks between sets etc
Than he needs to take things like Anadrol Dianabol or Superdrol etc steroids that are known to increase strength gains
And things like testosterone and deca etc need to be small dosages
So my question is
What makes those steroids better for strength?

If I take 1000mg of testosterone and deca etc
I will only be putting my health at risk for 0 gains ....
It's a waste of money and a waste of time
Unless I start training like a bodybuilder


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Rich piana mentioned in one of his videos that he wasted 10 years training with low reps on steroids

I am not ready to train like a bodybuilder
I enjoy lifting in the low rep range
Unless I am adding assistant exrecises for the bench press


That Other Guy
250 mg of Test E for beginning to gauge where you at is fine.

Right now I am on
250 mg Test C / Weekly
250 mg Deca / Weekly

I get healthy consistent gains.
But 500 mg Test C /weekly for 12 weeks is best to really see where you are at.