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hi i am currently taking winstrol injectable orally what i do is i put the needle together u know get the juice out 1cc then i take the needle out the syringe and put the winni on my tongue just like squeezing the juice on my tongue then swallow it i take 1 cc every other day . my question is , is it bad to put it on the tongue because i have a phobia of needles and putting it on my tongue is my only other sulotion i just wanna make sure that its not bad what im doing???????????
You're putting the needle on top of your tounge?

What i would do is:

get 1cc into syringe.
take out of amp
pull plunger all the way back (get fluids out of the "chamber"/needle)
take off needle
squirt in mouth and swallow like an oral syring

got it?

i would suggest trying to inject, i used to have a fear for needles, now they are my best friend (joke) but seriously, you hardly feel anything and (at most) it will feel liek a small misquito bite lol