Woohoo post cycle.... and NO clomid/nolva


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This was quoted from someone on EF. What do you think

"after reading day in and day out about what is the best way to recover, i thought i would put this desussion to rest and do my own experiment.
im the past i have always used clomid post cycle along with hcg.
let me give you a brief history of my clomid experience. im the type of guy that gets a hard on at the first site of a broad, even the ugly ones sometimes! while i was on, i was out of control. my girlfriend thought there was something wrong with me. i had a hard on 24/7. then my cycle ends. i start clomid. in a matter of no time (about 1 week in to clomid therapy) no hard ons, and zero sex drive. now you may say i was crashing post cycle after dbol and anadrol , fina cycle. sure to an extent but isnt the clomid supposed to cure this? not the case with me. my girlfriend was the first to notice i never wanted to have sex. also it was tuff to get a hard on and the ones i got where chubby at best. i was also moody and a bit depressed. i was also experiencing acne on my shoulders and back worse than while on my cycle. so i stopped taking the clomid and within 3 or 4 day i was back to full maas. steamers left and right - you couldnt get it down. this was before all this clomid talk on the boards here. so i just completed a dbol and sustanon cycle. 750mg of test a week 12 weeks and cycled up to 50mg of dbol a day, (did a pyramid with the dbol). so i thought id try what nelson had suggested. i got some hcg, or course but left out the clomid, and added avena sativa along with zinc, magnesium and tribulus. i only lost 4 pounds - water im sure. there was never a glitch in my sex drive. it stayed nice and high (no pun intented).
if this is not enough proof for those disbelievers out there. both times i got my blood work done and test level checked.
after the clomid (1 1/2 months after test was completed) my test levels had barely got back over the minimum baseline level. im a doctor ( i specialize in addiction treatment and treat many patients on methadone, which is administered to help people treat their herion or pain killer (opiate) addiction) so i have seen a wide range of test. levels due to opiates having a negative effect on natural test.production. mine was equivelant to a 70 year old man on herion!
got the levels checked again post nelson theory - they were mid range, right smack in the middle of the chart.
needless to say if my words dont convince you, maybe my bloodwork results will.
i would suggest to those of you debating the idea of trying this - do, you wont regret it."
the Hmmmmmm...gets my vote....i was debating the clomid gig also, but i sure hate to lose my gains on the word of a few compared to those of many...my question, i am 38...i cycle and go off, i can get a hard on etc at will on cycle, and after cycle seems to drop a bit...sex drive and then gets better, but, how does age effect post cycle and during cycle for instance...one would think that i would not respod to test as well as a 28 year old...also, one would think my post cycle would be off comparwed to his...correct?

then, let me ask you something, what if one were fixed, as i am...how does this play on post cycle if at all, and how about during the cycle...