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  • What is up. I seen some of your posts and had a question for ya. I cant pm yet so would you shoot me an email Glamorous@safe-mail.net Thanks broski!
    I don't think you can recieve PM's until you can send them yourself. Put up a bunch of posts really quick so you can PM me. Otherwise, we're limited to this here.
    Give him another day. If he doesn't get back with you by then, PM me again. Sometimes it can take a few days to get back with everyone because his general manager went on vacation and Z has a LOT of stuff to do by himself that he normally has help with or doesn't do himself. It can get to be quite a bit of work and there is no doubt he is bombarded with stuff to get done. Once per year, his manager, who helps him with a lot of daily duties, will go on vacation, but he should be back soon. Please forgive any oversights...I am sure it is not intentional. It's just that Z is probably doing the job of 3 people by himself right now, so mistakes are bound to happen. Things will be alright...I will guarantee you that. Z doesn't steal and he always sends what people order, so you can be at peace.
    no it's safe. i mean i didn't have any problem at all. It just takes awhile. They'll give u the instruction when u order.
    if ur looking for source u should look around the website then u'll get the clue on where to get em. But I thoroughly did my research on those sources and read a lot of materials before getting started. It's not simple as I thought, all stuff I needed and how to inject, what kind of syringe I need to buy. If you are not familiar with this then I suggest you read a lot of materials before you start. There are youtube clips that helps you how to inject as well. I don't want you to just jump in and make mistakes because I have some friends who didn't really do much research and just jumped in and got all F'd up. I get my stuff from Z. But heard naps were good too. That's all I can tell you. I can't give you URL or exact source since I don't know you well enough, but if u look around u'll get a clue on where to get em. good luck.
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