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  • Hey Cyto33 I talked to you two years ago about a place to get some gear and you helped me. I was wondering if you would help me again as I want to do another cycle after two years. I found a place but not sure if it is good to go. Its Pinnacle but I am not sure its real. Can you let me know
    HI cyto
    I am trying to pm you but I couldnt for some reason. I guess thats because I am a new member:S any other way of contacting you? Thanks
    Hello, I was wondering if you could tell me any good canadian domestic sites to get gear from cause uncle is down for the moment and I ordered before from naps and got caught on the border.
    Wouldnt let me reply to the other message, thanks for replying. My boyfriend doesnt want me doing anything but Im still going to consider it.
    Starting to have the chemical imbalances associated with Tren usage. Somniphobia. Not real fun. So today was my last shot of tren. Still unclear on whether or not I want to cruise or PCT. Thoughts?
    ROFL! I was thinking of a blast and cruise but, I am going to wait till I get past 30. I want to be able to get my hands on some TRT if necessary. If the taper and HCG works any chance your keeping a log so you can help bro's going through the same shit?
    Are you on TRT? Or are you trying to restart HPTA? Either way man I wish you the best with it. If anybody can lick it and still come out the President of the pricks fanclub it is you. LOL.
    Sup brotha. Starting to get slammed with noob PM's. For once I am glad I am not you or Teutonic. Can't imagine what you guys are going through.
    it wouldn't let me reply to your message either. Anyways, thanks that helped a lot. I figured he was just trying to get more cash from me, but thought I'd double check. thanks man
    Cyto33- the supplier I was talking to told me to take D-bol the whole cycle, even though it was my first cycle. I've always seen it used just as a kick starter for the first cycle. What do you suggest?
    the place you got the free d-ball did you ever order from them. and did you have to sign for your package they dont say anything on there website about that
    hey man ive always wondered who that is in your avatar. is it just some random picture that you found on the web? lol
    Seen your posts and you seem to know what you're talking about.

    Planning on doing a 10 week cycle of Test Enanthate and Primobolan (first cycle).

    I wanted to do Primo by itself but everyone has said you need testosterone in the cycle so doing that at 500mgs/week

    Cycle looks like this:

    500mgs Test E, 600 mgs Primo

    Injections on tuesdays/saturdays at 250 (test) and 300 (primo) using two different syringes and not mixing the drugs/putting them into the same leg.

    Is this okay?

    I REALLY need advice on PCT? Noone has helped me yet on any forums. I know you're supposed to start PCT 2 weeks after last jab, but that is about all i know right now.
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