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  • i have a few different items i have put together for some of my female clients.
    my wife started out with Var 5mgs for 3 days then bumped it to 10 for 3 more days and then a week later 15mg and once more to 20mgs. she started to get resulst at 20mgs ed for 6 weeks.
    this was the first stage for her to use.
    the she wanted to include T3 for the thyroid activation.
    so it looked like this.

    week 1-6
    Var 20mg ed
    Week 1-4
    worked up to 75mcg ed. ( i have a cycle planed out for this)

    i would say use this first with or with out the var. but work your way up to it.
    things to look for are, voice change, hair where it shouldn't be, enlarged clit.
    thats why you start slow. the first sign you get you stop right away.
    the clit will swell up a little and be more sensitive but just watch for growth.
    if you like this then Tbol or primo would be next.
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