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  • Ive seen you on several forums! One forum was about juicepump, and I have a question and figured you would be the person to rely on. I would like to take a steroid cycle but have heard that herbal steroid is as good as any. That doesnt make sense to me, but Would you recommend that for a first time cycle.
    I have two years experience with PH's and looking for a larger gain.
    There will always be Creepy critters !! They just have automatic weapons now ! LOL
    Not too bad. I was not around much for the holidays but, should be around more henceforth. I just suffer some bad depression around the holidays.
    How you doing buddy?
    Hope you had a Merry Christmas and If I don't hear from you a happy New Year too!
    Go with letro 2.5mg ED. Start pramipexole. Work your way as high as you can go and only take it at night before bed. Also get your hands on some clomid and start that at 100mg's per day.
    Also can AI bring back some testicle size since it will stop aromatase and boost LH?? I feel strange exploding pains in my testicles when using 25mg of aromasin. Doc said that some people get painful testicles when they start to grow, but how true can that be??

    I am in no need of HcG since LH and FSH look pretty normal around 4-5 mIU both.

    Pls advice
    Hum are you there?? I am in the same boat as colin post finasteride. Massive and unstopabble testicular shrinkage and lumpy bumpy structures are ound my sensitive nipples all over. I have high estradiol/estrone and slightly high progesterone levels. Also suspect high prolactin , since genitals are dead numb and feel very little orgasm.

    I started aromasin 12.5 mg ed, but thinking that it don't do the trick it feels like more estrogen is building up.

    Also when i ejaculate i feel more sensitivity in nipples and pains.

    I am also thinking of starting dostinex .125 or .25 per week or twice. Is this going to help along with aromasin to bring down estrogen and progesterone/prolactin or should i just jump onto letro??

    pls help
    Hi mate

    Please have a look at my thread:

    I'm really, really need to make the correct and informed choice of treatment for my soaring e2 levels induced by finasteride (im off the drug for 8 months).

    Maybe you could let me know what you think is my best sustainable bet. Im concsious of doing more damage. Basically i need a way to find my T/E sweet spot and (hopefully) be able to naturally maintain. Arimidex or aromasin?

    Does aromasin need to be taken forever?

    Thanks a million man

    hey bro.
    tren can cause some funky problems.
    only you can decide to cruise or come off. thats your call.
    i cruise cause i have low T. and i feel better on the off.
    Hey Mr. H.... I know what you mean about the negatives around here. I was a member of this board a long time ago and left because of shit like that. People, like someone said post their inaccurate beliefs because they've been told it for years and when you try to debate or point out where they are wrong, things end up getting ugly. There are too many newbs on this board who recycle garbage they see or hear and don't even know if it's fact or not. I came back in hopes things have gotten better....and they have somewhat but you still have the same idiots that turn up once in a while. PM me sometime. I belong to another board that is superior to all other boards. Very rarely does a newb showup on the other board I'm talking about. It's mostly vets who have been around and we talk and share our experiences and you can learn a lot and helps others at the same time. I've yet to see any flaming or idiots on it either.
    Anytime Hum-D...maybe this can help to. just put hgh fragment into the search bar..

    PubMed home
    Effects of oral administration of a synthetic fragment of human growth hormone on lipid metabolism -- Heffernan et al. 279 (3): E501 -- AJP - Endocrinology and Metabolism

    Fragment info..
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