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  • Where in bc you from? I love in whiterock. Im running pareto too. What u think of their sdrol? About to start it. Im doing 500mg of teste and 500mg of trene. First go with tren and no sides at 300mg and only i sweat quick in the gym at 500mg? Had me a bit worried for a bit. Ive had good results tho
    Hey bro, seen your post on a canadian thread, im from vancouver, hbu? I been off this site for 2 years or so and just trying to get to know people again. What are you cyclin with these days?
    please go to 3jsdiet.com and click on the packages link... please also keep in mind that there is a 15% promotion thats going on right now which is not reflected in the prices... all packages have the option of extending coaching for a discounted fee... what i recommend is that you e-mail me at 3jdiet@gmail.com that way we can talk about what would fit your personal needs
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