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  • I love their sdrol, or anything they put out actually. Paretos got the best gear I've ever ran. I'm currently on their sdrol as well , the cycle I'm runnin @ this exact moment is in my profile. The coast hey, I'm about 3.5/4 hrs down south away from you, both wicked places to be in the summer that's for damn sure
    Sorry, no I haven't tried the Site Sources.
    For the reasons that I posted in the Thread.
    I stopped doing Peptides and SARMS back in 2014.
    Neither of the Site Sources were on my Radar back then........................... JP
    Although I joined in 2013, I lost my Log-in Info due to a Computer Malfunction, and haven't really been active here till the last few months.
    Hey bud, sorry to bother but I’m in a similar boat that you’re in. Been gone for a while and my sites aren’t working, did you manage to find a source or the website for Optimum or anything like that? I appreciate any help you might have for me. Thanks!
    im 22 5'11 179lbs
    currently on test prop 525mg/w (150mg eod)
    start date- july 1st... finish date- undecided

    tren 280 mg/week (80mg eod)
    start date- july 22nd... finish date- undecided
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