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  • hey there i was thinking if you could help me out a little, i was reading your First cycle and PCT.

    You know what you are talking about thats just how it is, so i was thinking if you could set up for me steroid cycle, because where i am from they dont know about PCT and i dont want to be one of them, i am from iceland if you would like to know haha, but i am 24 years old i have tried some roids before but that was a stupid idea because i didnt know nothing about it, i have been reading many post by you about everything and it is good to have some one who know what they are saying so people dont make stupid decisions, so id you would be so kind i would like if you would help me, i dont want to make some stupid decision,

    so i was thinking about using sustanon 250 and dianabol than if you could i would like you to tell me what i need when i should take it and with what,

    Thank you for your time mister.
    Hey man was looking at your threads on blue tops hgh was wondering if u could help me find some legit gh like with Z brand thanks!! msg me at jbrrown26@yahoo.com
    hi mate bjust wondering about pct use for after test prop and winstrol ?

    your feedback would be greatly appreaciated!
    Hi, i just read your thread about your first steroids cycle in which your recommend test. I plan on doing one soon using winstrol and i was wondering if you could tell me a good PCT, i had some trouble understanding it on ur thread... so far i plan on taking cycle assist during the oncycle and then for PCT i plan on taking redefine PCT pills and clomid as a serm...any income would be highly appreciated. Thank You!
    hi mate , ive seen u in some forums and would u by any chance know how to stack t3 n clen ? eg dosage , how and when to take each
    my name is brice,
    i have sent a reply to your last post on anabolic steroids please reply me
    Damn sorry to hear that man. A little rest can't hurt and I'm sure you'll be back at it in no time. I'm just waiting on the delivery guy to come knocking at my door...

    how long have you typically seen for 'Z's gear to show up?
    What's up bro? Have a good holiday? I managed to drop 10lbs over the holiday despite the holiday meals. Getting ready to start a 2 week keto cycle to cut a little more unwanted fat before hitting it hard for a 10 week cycle.
    Well I got my order in w/ Z and just signed up with 3J to do a 12 week keto + carb cycle diet. Looking forward to seeing some big changes in the gym and mirror this quarter
    That's where I have a membership as well. Im usually at the Supersport down off county line near Quebec. We should definitely hook-up, when I moved I lost my workout partner and my gf isn't cutting it these days ;-)
    Hey bro, got your PM but not sure if I was successful in replying to it. To answer your question, yes I do live there, you?
    Ok brother,sounds really good,im interested,i can email you if you want or vice versa,and we can talk about it,if thats cool
    I hear ya. . .You have the exact build of a buddy of mine. . but, he's a little lighter
    What u running atm, if u dont mind me askin' ?
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