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  • curious to know if you could help me with a source.. Or at least point me in the right direction.. Ive recently been burnt and def dont want it to happen again.. I apologize if im going about this the wrong way but any info would be greatly appreciated..
    yea..the hex is 50mg ace,50mg e,and 50 of another..i'm prolly not going to get it as I like the enanthate ester the best. I've pinned 400 last cycle, might try 500. But the tren part of my next cycle will be during summer...I actually will prolly just do 400 again as it's going to be with a diff look bigger than 190!..good job.
    Looking good in your pics bro(no homo)...My next run is going to be Teste.Deca,Dbol..and then switch to Cyp.Eq.tren:)...maybe var haha aswell..going to be a long run. Have you ever tried tren-hex?
    I hear ya dude. I would do Tren 365 days a year if it wasn't so harsh. The sides don't bother me much at all. I'm gonna just run Test E for the next 2 months maybe and then do some Deca and dbol I think.
    It's going good too for me, finished Tren a couple weeks ago on my last bottle of test..thinking of just continuing on for a bit myself. Eq and primo has been on my mind lately...I'm going to give my body a break from tren for a bit..Sides were not bad at all, I could prob have kept going...but to be safe, a break sounds good.
    Hey bro, I'm going to take your advice and pick up some slin pins tomorrow. What size do you recommend? I have not much bf..I normally pin delts with 1 inch 25g and 5/8" and for glutes I use 1.5" 25g and 1.25"...thanks

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