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  • Thank you for you post about Andro-lean. It was really helpful. I was seriously considering getting it. I like the idea of it but I was very hesitant since all the new poster came out and gave phony reviews of it recently. Can you suggest something like andro lean but works? I weigh the same as you 205 but i need to tone up more then you. I dont want anythat that will increase my blood pressure or make me loose my hair :)
    If youre looking to do an eca cycle, get everything seperate. Get Bronkaid, and caffeine pills, forget the asprin...not needed. Drugstore.com has everything. You just have to send a copy of your drivers liscence to confirm. Im waiting for my AL to come,and been following your log, pretty dissapointing, huh? I was pretty psyched to start, but sceptical now...gl
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