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  • changed my name from Burgh412 to Chris412. Thanks for the reply earlier on that batch number and exp tho. I had pretty decent gains with that Jelfa batch and just got off my PCT. For my next cycle, I am running 600mg a week of Test, tren, and 50mg daily of dbol. This is my first time using the dbol and was wondering if you have had any success with it? Also is 50mg daily about the average dosage?
    Hello I read a post where you asked if yout deca was original, and in the end it was not, I bought (unfortunately) exactly the same deca durabolin organon, same exp date same lot number, before throwing it away if I wanted to ask if by chance you found in was deca or not, I'm Italian so do not use words too hard:)
    Are the omnidren lot 005122 exp 05 2013 legit?
    I recently got some and wanted to know if there was any success
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    hows the cycle going man? just started mine today, 1 amp omna doing it eod, let us know how your going with yours man
    Hey...I'd love to hear how your test, var, tbol cycle went. I'm about to start the same one. Any advise?

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