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  • Hey Nitzo,
    Im from Australia and have followed your progress. How did you go getting on TRT? Check out my thread mate. Swing me a PM when you get time .
    Hey brotha hows it goin? Hey I noticed that we have a few mutual friends...I was wondering if you could help me out with a couple things? Would you email me at Put your user name in so I know who you are...thanks brotha!!
    Thanks brother,all the same here as well,just keep your head up and everything will be cool!!!!!You are a great brother to me as well!!!so glad you are on this forum
    brother,let me think about your thread and talk to a couple of friends and i will get back with you asap...hang in there my brother
    no probs cheers mate
    same problem in canada as well.. sucks doesn't it!
    ah well will keep on tryin
    Auzzie, Raskal.
    I was stating to the girl that Clen is hard to get in Australia and to stay away online.
    Unfortunately getting gear there very hard, i wouldn't bother unless its local.
    Best option is going to a 3rd world country where its legal, stay for a long cycle and then leave.

    Just to mention, im in Canada.
    I just help the australians out because we have the same problem in Canada.
    hey nitzo

    just another ozzie here.. just wondering if you any good supps that can be imported to aus to pack on some serious muscle.. cheers mate
    Hi Nitszo,

    I read a post from you recently regarding your test levels. Ive kind of been going through a similar situation where I'm pretty low myself (about 11nmol/l or 319ng/dl) and having trouble finding doctors that understand whats going on or willing to treat.

    But I also came across The Testo Clinic website and had a talk with one of the consultants. Have you looked any further into this?? I was pretty suss when they expected credit card payment up front and it just seems like a bit of a scam to me.

    Im booked in for an endo in 2 months and don't expect much to happen out of it. Its a shame when its impacting the quality of life.. most doctors are just too ignorant to understand the reality of it all.

    Let me know how its all going and what you end up doing..
    hey nitszo email me at where bouts u from i dont no how to reply in the other one this site confuses me lol
    I believe its mainly placebo...the only way to boost test significantly is with test...even if u use a Dr prescribed topical test like androgel it will only raise ur test around 50 points which isn't enough to make a difference....and that's real test in that stuff...u think some herbal shit is gonna work? If you really want the truth then get your blood test and do a heavy 2-3 week course of Barry test boosters and get your blood work done won't see any change
    Yeah, you get them everynow and then.
    Hes just a kid, very immature 18 year old boy who has no idea about what he wants in life.
    Very stupid, going to get himself in heap of trouble.
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