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  • Shitty man, zeek is a knowledgable dude if you have questions about pretty much anything
    You ever end up using that Avent Pharma Sust? I got a bottle of 250 and 300 just wondering if it's garbage or not? Mine are half filled like yours.
    In the middle of a tren, deca,test cycle and adding DBol to it. Tremendous gains using tren/test doing shoulders and back then rest day. Then using tren/deca and working chest arms legs. Using anastrazol to limit estrogen build up ...anast is working out well. How are you doing on your test/tren/deca/dbol cycle.. I find the strength gains to be up almost daily but ran into spazming of my shoulder... due to overwork. Any advice on how fast to move up exercise lbs ...
    ok. For me, the sides for clomid kinda repulse me .... You think for a low dose of test/ EQ , 400, 400 mg each . Nolva will be enough? Just have to up the dosage of the Nolva? Ive been told to do Aromasin every day for the 2 weeks during my last pin and the beginning of my PCT to boost my Test and than start the Nolva at 60 mg every day for 3 weeks. Sounds good? or should I absolutely add clomid to it. Like I said Test/ EQ 12 weeks 400 mg each.
    ey wats up kinda new to this website i dnt know if i am posting shit right..but um i wanted to ask u like a few questions about like weightlifting i was hoping you can help me out if u can...thanks
    LIAR!!! You have the WEEK 2 and already seeing gains thread! PS the picture you requested is under my profile now.
    $800 dalla daaaamn!! must be made out of hamp then when your done wearing them you can roll it into a joint and smoke them hahaha! ( how big are your arms now? imo: I found that by grabbing a dumbbell 35 pound and going high reps 20 at a time " rest between 20 reps 1 minute" max 120 reps really helps a lot!
    god damn,... its about time, ''now you know the ton of shit you have to deliver when going to the bathroom,haha lol
    hey getting massive will only give you trouble fitting in those customized nice rides of yours,something to consider..
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