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  • hey i ordered stuff from orbit and my shipping status says Processing. i ordered it 2 days ago. what does processing mean?
    ohhhh ok nevermind i see what it is its a syringe without needle its just like a drink kind of? you measure 1ml a day which is 50mgs. right? this is just what i read from the site. so 30 days at 50mgs/1ml a day?
    i went on osta-gain and it looks like the clomid is an injection??? are they just liquid capsules?
    **** Help Needed *****

    Hi There.....

    Just to let you know that my Package that was shipped at Dec.13, has not arrived, there are no current scans online, I would like you to ORBIT to track it down or resend me a new should it be lost in transport. Both Canadapost and USPS have no updates, they other orders came in perfect, this one that you sent had a problem from the start with the tracking number, please take the time and review this.

    Order No: 16596
    I just posted a message on the supplement forum, complaining about the fact that I still have received no communication confirming shipment of my order, but now I realize that I should have probably posted it here if I wanted to communicate with you directly. Can someone please see if I can get my shipment in a reasonable period of time. Customer apologized to me once, after telling me it would be shipped today. When I still received no confirmation and inquiring a second time, they basically ignored me. Now, it'll probably be another week before I get anything and that really sucks.
    Hey buddy,
    I just ordered my Ultradrol and am excited to receive it. I am thinking of running it with androhard. Running it like androhard 2 weeks then androhard and ultra for 4 weeks. Do you think this will be ok or too much to run?
    I am going to order the Epi Strong stack. After reading so many articles here that my head is spinning, I wanted to know if everything I need is in the stack, or, are there additional items I should order. This is my first run of anything and of course I have noob nerves! Just want to make sure I have everything I need, especially, for PCT.

    hey bub..I made an order and they sent me the wrong thing. supposed to be 5 Beastdrols and only got 3, with 2 Epistrongs. Can I switch them for the right ones?

    -Sean Carvalho
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