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  • Am placing an order worth over $700..can you look out for me with a discount code...this will be my 5th order placed with you guys all worth over $500
    Hey, from what I hear Pinnacle is the way to go. Any way you can show me the way to the URL? Thanks.
    Hey man, I would like to become a loyal pinnacle customer. Can u point me in the right direction ? Thanks bro
    Hey man, hearing amazing things about pinnacle for a long time now. Needing some direction!
    Hey! same as everyone else i keep hearing great things about pinnacle and wanna try them out. Hoping you can send me a link!
    Hey! New to the board (been lurking a while, planning that first cycle), and I was wondering if you could share contact info for pinn or any advice so I can start figuring out the practical angles. I seem to be too newb to PM, but am at Many thanks...
    Hey man Whats up i see your really knowledgeable i cant find a website to buy pinnicale labs products from can you please send me a PM at if you have another reliable sources that would be great thanx
    Hey j I been reading on here for a while and you seem to be the man to talk to about pinn. I been running Balken but with all the hype you guys give pinn I would love to try some out. If you could pm or email me some info on it man I would really appreciate it. tcoll56@gmail thanks man
    Send me a pm bro i would like to ask you some questions. Oh and don't be startled by my join date to post ratio i forgot my account login info lol. would appreciate the help
    jstark, would you be able to send me the link to Pinn labs. All the talk round here has got me pumped to try some.
    hey why when ordering pinnacle am i getting two different names to send the payment to?? i placed one order and then another and the recievers names are different?
    Hey, man.. sorry to bother you but I am not having any luck finding Pinnacle Labs online, are they even listed?
    Ready to order gear (although wont use until I get my bf lower) but u cant find them...

    I cant PM. Could you email the info?
    thank you for your menssage, sadly im from europe and cant take the risk with customs, thanks anyway!
    Seems to be a recurring theme here. Can you email me a link to Pinn? I'm a newbie and can't PM yet. Thanks.
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