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    can you help me with tren homebrew?
    Whats up Starks? I've read some of your posts and you sound like you know what you are talking about. I posted a question that no one has responded to. I see a ton of people saying that you cannot sterilize anything in oil without destroying what is in the oil. You can check out my post but basically I am asking why not sterilize fina powder before it ever goes in the oil and what would be the best way to do that? pressure cooker/oven, put extra BA in let it sit a while then put in oven and let the BA evaporate? Thanks
    ya I completely agree bro...I will never agree with a guy like that and neither will the mods or other regular vets on this board....nice that he doesnt have a temper though...that would have got ugly ;)
    haha na bro...Ive barely got time to get on this site...fuckin cardiac pathophys is kickin my ass!!! However I do make time for my side puss :) Hows your shit goin bro?? Imagine your proly ballin now huh lol
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