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  • Im also interested in pinnacle im on trt and insurance wont cover. PLEASE im begging you.
    Hey Jstarks, Saw that your happy with Pinnacle...I used Naps in the past and UZ..was wondering if you could point me in the right direction for Pinnacle. Any help is appreciated.

    Hey Jstarks, don't post much on here so can't pm yet, wondering if you can help me get in contact with pinnacle, heard nothing but good things, email is
    Thanks in advance bro
    I see that you've been asked a bit but I also need a link to order from pinnacle, Z has not arrived and reship will take me past what my TRT requires. Insurrance and Doc will not cover what I need for a helpful protacol the rest is up to me. Any help would be greatly appriciated.
    i have a local but looking to compare cost on pinn hear. Can you please email me an online source.
    hey man can you send me a link to order from pinnacle!!
    i usually go with z but am ready for a change!
    send link or info to
    thank you
    Hey mate can see everyone is on you for p nac site... Well me too, would be great if you could email me the link, thanks
    Hey man can you send me an email, not looking for a source or anything like that, already got it

    just wanna make sure I did shit right

    thanks man
    hey can you send me a link to order some pinnacle gear.. i have other sites but none sell pinnacle..
    i was trying to private message you but it wouldn't let me.. want to ask you a few questions
    email me i cant
    excuse me sure i'm sorry to bother you but i'm in deseperate need to switch from gmeds...i noticed you deal with pinnacle could you email me how to get in touch with them i mean their site or something...i'm looking for a good sus 250 and test prop and of course pct if you would be so kind to help
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