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  • Ouch is right brutha...ohwell it was a great run. There still a strong team for next year. Thomas had a great year. So..what are your plans for summer, just work?
    Thats good man..good to hear from you again:) the series is hopfully going to shift for the better..bruins are all over the canucks..thomas is a brick wall.
    Things are frickin busy with me. But for works sake thats awesome, for having a lifes sake..not so much. Hockey playoffs soon, canucks shall take the cup..getting back on track with the gym, life should be smooth again for awhile!

    Although I might go upto Ft. Mac for a stint, not sure yet. But it's life changing money up there. On the plus side it's only 5 hours away for me.
    Wow! leafs/blues game was quite good! Grebalski or whatever his name is had a nice shoot-out goal!
    Bro is because of the bet I made with you !! Since the Fins suck so much ... They just felt sorry for me LMAO !
    If you can't beat them join them Lol, I'm heated up about the fins,....
    Allright two hands up the lions defence was all over the the place in the 4th quarter and had 2 turnovers, besides I don't think devon bess actually score on that final 2cond quarter he went out of bounce but the they said it was a poor view.Go Lions!!, I don't know are they done for the season too?
    Wait a second why don't you bet on the dolphins and I bet on the Lions in that case Ill have to use the dolphins Logo and you the Lion Lmao! ...don't get me wrong I do want the Lions go and win a championship we share the same legacy "going no were" the Dolphins as you know it are done..
    lmao! ive had better luck betting against the leafs this year. only problem has been finding people dumb enough to bet for them!
    Toronto 0 0 1 1
    Vancouver 1 1 2 4

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    Vancouver - Alexandre Burrows, Jannik Hansen, Christian Ehrhoff, Henrik Sedin
    Toronto - Mikhail Grabovski
    Yea..My workouts lack big time on the road..I do get heavy lifting in, but it's on the job stuff. I jog for cardio when I'm sent into camps. Some camps have ghetto weight rooms, but atleast it's something.. I'm getting sent out 2morra morning to a remote site...maybe for a week..maybe for 2.

    I usually bring along dumbells and a doorway chin up I can keep it up minimaly.

    OHS Hey!'d scream if you seen some of the shit I do at harness haha..Go Lions Go!...I'd love to go to an NFL game one day...

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