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  • Whats up brotha! It seems we have a couple mutual friends. I was wondering if you could help me out with a couple questions? Email me at Include your user name so I know who you are! Thanks brotha!!! much appreciated!!
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    man they really are not that just pushin workouts are so jacked (kinda like me) I just do whatever I want as long as I get 4-5 hard sets in...I have been doin 10/8/6/4
    yea he is,and he and i had it out and he called me a hypocrite and i got pissed big time and pretty much told him off,and he called me a newb and that he was a vet,after i calmed down,i apologized to be the good mature person and he blew it off,so i just warned him not to post on anymore of my threads or else,and told him to f off you gotta read the whole argument,i argued with him for over an hour lol,plus im giving him red rep points lol,and will continue to,hes a fuckin dick head,i cant wait to hear what you say lmao!!!
    hey man,read the thread Uncle Z'z Feedback...that jorsn is bashing the hell out of you and me,i told him off and he did you as well,i hate people like that
    I dont see how winny can help keep lean gains...its also not a cutter...basically it just drys you out and thats why you feel old....the only way to keep gains is by testosterone levels. If you experience alot of water bloat then watch your salt intake, drink more water, and take an anti estrogen with it. As far as cutting goes, diet is the only way to do it. AAS can help but its all in the diet. If you want a cutter IMO the only real cutter there is would be test/tren with a below maintanence diet
    ok bro here is the deal with your problem....first of all adex should be ran at .5mg/every day....not tues and start doing that now....second adex will not get rid of gyno it will just stop it so the lump you have will stay there for the rest of your cycle and probably a few weeks after your pct....if it doesnt go away by the third or fourth week after pct then I would use the letro...letro is last resort IMO...and I would also recommend you not do winni again...its not a cutter and it will just fuck up your lipids and dry out your joints which will make them your adex all the way through pct...but half way through pct drop the dosage to .25mg...this will help avoid estro rebound

    and as far as hcg...just do that mon and thurs bro....its not a big deal if you do it a certain time before test
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