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  • Hey bud (this is Georgia). Come check out A lot of the guys from here are over there and it'd be good to have you! Delete this
    Hey bro, Have a interesting story about starke and would like your in put. Anyway we can PM or email?
    hey sorry if i am bothering you. i was reading one of your post on the stuff you got from starke. i was woundering if there was anyway you could give me the address. i was going to use unclez but the the last time i ordered from him it took forever to get here. thanks
    well basically the tren is stronger so it is going to win the fight over test for the receptor...the receptor can only hold so much of a compound before nothing else can attach to if tren beats test and you run your test higher then your tren, you will have alot of test floating around your system thats not being used and potentially causing more side effects. I would run the tren higher
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