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  • you will get your package..some reason nobody that gets z stuff gets seized....seems pretty good....well my experience with z was not very good....i believe eveything is underdosed...we ordered 800.00 worth of stuff..if i have 2 rate it on a scale of 1-10 i would say 5......but you get what you pay for..
    Hi! I just want to know about your experience with Z. I'm a newb at this and so please pardon me and my worries ^^ It's not that I'm not trying to talk with Z but his messages are very short? I just want to know if Z's stuff is still good now, how big the chance of my package getting seized by customs is (I'm planning on ordering international to Philippines), and how discreet is discreet packaging? You can PM your answer to me. I can't seem to reply directly to the PM :(
    yea i think so,i finally got my estrogen under control on my trt dose,so i still gotta recover and strengthen my shoulder another month or so and im gonna start it probably the 1st of august,im gonna run test cyp,deca/dbol im thinking 30mg/day of dbol for 4 weeks,but i hadnt decided on my other 2 compunds doses yet
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