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  • well thanks ,my friend is a trainer and he told me thats all i need to start and like u said work hard but yes alone i was taking test freak before when i started working out with bcaa and creatine , i feel great pumps with anavar the vet grade from mexico what do u recommend friend thks pal
    hey is that you in your pic good job, i'm new to this site need input on oxandrovet i started it starting second week at 5mg in morning and 5mg at nite is this right this way , also is it a waste if i take this and dont work out on the day i take it THANKYOU
    i prefer albuterol over clen, when researching things of course. you can find it thru various peptides and research chem people. just do a search for manpower nutrition and the site that comes up is a good research chem company. pick up some albuterol tabs, they aren't that expensive. just remember, none of this stuff is for human consumption and should be used for research purposed only.
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