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    hi mate , ive seen u in some forums and would u by any chance know how to stack t3 n clen ? eg dosage , how and when to take each
    hey man. I've posted on ur page, then accepted ur friend request and have tried messaging you.....well for some reason it won't let me send a message but I'd still like ur advice on my first cycle. Could you email me phatmm2009@yahoo.com....thanx
    Thanks!!!! I really appreciate your help. I just emailed him. Not sure why it won't let me Private Message you back, though.
    hey. I'd really like your advice on my 1st cycle. I am 20 5'8 190pounds
    test cyp 600mg/week for 12 weeks then after 2 weeks of last injection pct clomid 50mg/day for 4 weeks. Thanx
    All good and understandable. I was thinking that there was some magic formula that you knew about between these two. Thank you for your time.
    its simple really but first I want to point out that it doesnt work for everyone but it works for most.

    Tren and test both fight for the same receptor. A receptor can only bind with so much compounds before its basically full. Tren is 5x more androgenic then test therefore it will win the fight to the receptor....finally if tren wins the fight then what ever test dosage you have beyond the tren dosage will be floating around the system in the form of test serum which in turn will cause more sides...so using less test then tren will avoid that issue...also tren will increase libido when used with test so no issues there
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