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  • Hi Zeek sorry to bother you my name is Ricardo Rizo user name ricardorico, I have been on forum for some time I just have not posted much if any. I have been doing homework on buying hgh but it seems there is a lot of bunk stuff out there. I have purchased from napsgear and euoropeanobolic, and latetly from buy-kigtropin. I have seen you post about hgh and the many fakes out there ive tried kigtropin and hygetropin from these sites, but the first two are very expensive and it never know quality. I was hoping you could guide me and help me by telling me what you currently run brand wise I will assume because its reliable brand and or strenght is potent and would hope price is also good. Last favor would be if you could recomend better sites or sources. I decided to reach out to you because i have seen your post and see you know a lot about this subject. any help would be greatly appreciated. my email ricardorico23@gmail.com
    Hey man I saw that

    Hello MBR and welcome to Ology!

    You meesed up and you know it, lets put that behind us and move on to helping you if we may.

    What you need to do right now is obtain some clomid! You can buy this from our research sponsor RUI and it is a legal product (for research)

    Anyway take 50mg of clomid per day for 4 weeks wait two weeks and have your test levels checked again.

    If the above does not help there are more aggressive treatments that we can look into but lets start with this since I t will help most of the guys in your situation.

    Feel free to contact me via PM or email for more assistance after you do what I suggested.

    Good luck bro and remember we are here to help you get back!
    But it doesn't help , also I'm taking tristen 2 caps per day my doctor says I can inject testosterone to get normal level but if I start I have to inject it whole my life and also he told me my right is smaller then left can you help me what I have to do?
    Hey zeek, I'm not sure if you remember me, it's been a while since i have been on, I have a bit of a problem haha I lost all the info to my safe mail account and with it all my sources I was wondering if you could point me in the direction of anyone I could talk to that has canadian domestic gear I could talk to and get some off of, with out having to be butt raped with high prices, that is my biggest problem :/ not actually aquiring the gear but the price. Anyways I have a new safemail account so if you know anyone I could PM that would be amazing and I would love you long time and owe you a favor brotha. Safe mail account is Gakstar@safe-mail.net
    Hey man, i read over your post for clomid which was great. i was doing some thinking and now that i am coming off my cycle and ive ran into immense financial issues i might just be doing clomid for a long time as a test booster before i cycle again.

    Seeing as it boosts natural test, can i run it with an oral like halotest or anavar and maintain my natty production??

    PM me please!
    looking for your email pal thought it was on your page cannot seem to find it, get me at andrewellis3@aol.com mate thanks
    got genesis sustanon 250 today would u be able to confirm its real ?? doesnt gave the scratch off serial numbe only a small round hologram !
    Hi Zeek,

    I have been reading many of your posts and like what you have to say. I tried to PM you but the messages aren't getting through. If you get this plaese let me know. Thanks!
    hey bro i was wonder hows altlantis pharma anavar?
    any good? how can i buy it?
    my email:
    I had labrum surgery five months ago and recovery is very slow. I looked into using peptides to aid recovery I have done literally days of research but its hard to find the perfect protocol and cycle as well as possible synergistic affects such as gh bleed and intestines growing. After reading your posts it seems that doing a cycle of Riptropin is the simplest method. I plan on doing a cycle of Riptropin and TB-500 to heal my shoulder. Could you give me advice on the protocol of riptropin for healing such as what type of needle, what to constitute it with if needed and IM or sub-q injections as well as cycling on/off. I also do not know where to purchase Rips as the overwhelming agreement is that Pinnacle has the most trustworthy Rips, but they are out of stock.

    I greatly appreciate any help. I have been out of the gym for 3 years due to this injury (no insurance) I am dying to get back in the gym!

    My email is wodkillermiller at gmail
    i was just wondering if you would give me some input on ********** or your opinion rather? thank you
    Stick with Pinnacle as far as high end quality gear is concerned. The others still don't even come close.

    Back in Nov

    As far as other websites don't fall for the grass is greener nonsense. Ology dominates every one of them especially in terms of facts and sheer database. It's also pretty damn sweet to be online with 700-800 etc other guys posting at the same time compared to 30 or so most of the little shit boards have ;) Just sayin

    If someone solicits you to come check out another site etc, make sure to report that person since they are trying to hurt this board by doing it.
    ColtMC45, as you know little fella I am accepting ofalternate sexual pref ppl, not sure why you posted that here but ok buddy! glad to see you out of the closet! ;)
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