1st Cycle


So I'm new to this thing but I've done a lot of research these past few weeks on anabolics.

I'm strongly considering taking Deca.

I did have a few questions since I couldn't find one article to answer all my questions if someone would be as kind as to break it down.

Do you NEED to take a test boost with Deca? I'm pretty sure I know how to handle post cycle therapy (pct) with Clomid those articles are pretty self explanatory. I am having a hard time finding a legit place to buy Deca (if someone could message me where to buy it I would appreciate it).

I am in the US Army and I've heard over and over they don't test for this because it would be too expensive but if someone could verify for me (maybe someone else in the army?) I've also heard of using diuretics to flush it out for drug tests?

Lastly, I run a lot (often, not distance, I don't often run more than 5 miles consecutively) and I've heard that since anabolics can give you a stronger "pump" it can negatively effect your running?

Thanks in advanced
if u did a bunch of reseacrh u would know that u dont run deca first cycle and by itself . DO MORE research .
test needs to be used as a base to all cycles because all steroids shutdown your own production of it leaving none in your body = lots of other problems . test only first cycle always to learn how your body reacts and responds .
Yea if u did your research you would know that its against site rules to ask for sources. You would also know that clomid only isn't a complete post cycle therapy (pct). Props for serving in the military but don't post stuff like this. It's going to net u negative results. Do some more reading and then come back with your questions if u should have any.
Ok, I'll get back on that I do remember reading the shutdown of test. Can you recommend me a good test product to use as a first cycle
yeah man dont cut corners with your health . learn ehat u are taking , how to take it , whats its doing , and what u need to take with it to prevent problems , all the info u need is at the top of the forum page