22 y/o first Test E only cycle 250mg/week. Complete cycle/diet details provided. Help


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Hey guys. Before anything else, I've done my research on Test E. Most people would recommend taking 500mg/wk (250mg E5D) and would say 250mg/week is a waste of time and money. However, I've seen a lot of contradictory opinions regarding the matter, with people saying that you can get decent gains from a low dose Test E cylce such as 250mg pw.

Here's a link on how a modest steriod cycle can still do wonders (backed up by an actual scientific study):

Here's a before and after update of a guy who did a 250mg/week test e cycle coupled with low dose of EQ:

With these in mind, I have decided on trying out this dosage for my first cycle. So please refrain from replying that I need to start with 500mg :(

Here's my plan:

Week 1-10: test E 250mg every week
Week 1-10: arimidex - 0.25mgs EOD (IF gyno symptoms emerge)
Week 12-15: nolva 40/40/20/20
Week 12-15: clomid 50/50/25/25

My goal is to simply pack some lean muscle mass without making people think I'm on something. I'm planning to eat only 500 more calories above my TDEE which is at 1890, so a total of 2400cal per day. Im trying to achieve a 50/25/25 C/P/F split since I'm an ectomorph and more resistant to carbs. I also have a hard time digesting large amounts of proteins.

Here's what my diet currently looks like:

Breakfast- 20g oats, 1 small banana, 32g protein blend (whey protein concentrate, whey protein isolate), Herbalife F1 meal replacement shake [macros: Calories 345cal | 51g carbs, 38g protein, 4g fat]

AM snack- 2 boiled eggs medium, 1 peanut butter sandwich [macros: Calories 536cal | 38g carbs, 27g protein, 27g fat]

Lunch- 1.5 cups of rice, 130g of chicken breast [macros: Calories 443cal | 69g carbs, 35g protein, 1g fat]

PM snack- 1 peanut butter sandwich, 16g protein blennd [macros: Calories 396cal | 36g carbs, 15g protein, 19g fat]

Dinner- 130g fish fillet, 1 cup rice [macros: Calories 421cal | 51.3g carbs, 28.4g protein, 11.6g fat]

Total calories: 2334 calories, 272g carbs,159g protein, 64g fat

During my workout days I'd throw in 32 grams of protein blend with 20g oats pre- and post-workout and a banana for post-workout.

I'm planning to workout 4 days a week with this split. I'm also incorporating HIIT for cardio. I have a personal trainer so I'm being pushed every workout.

Monday: Chest Biceps
Tuesday: Rest
Wednesday: Shoulders triceps
Friday:Back legs
Saturday: Rest
Sunday: HIIT

Sleep for around 6-7 hours a night.

As for supps, Im gonna take multivitamins 3x a day, creatine before workout, and whey protein blend (as stated above).

I guess I've stated everything I need to say. Given this kind of set-up and a 250mg/wk test e cycle, how much muscle mass can I expect to gain in 10 weeks? Is my PCT on point or does it need improvement? Any tips on how to make this experience? Any precautions I need to be wary about as a newbie to AAS? Have anyone tried the same cycle with the same low dose?

Thanks guys. I'll be providing stats at the bottom. Cheers :)


Some stats:
1. Age: 22
2. Height: 5'6"
3. Weight: 126lbs
3. BF: 14.5% (measured using weighing scale with body fat measurement)
3. Lifting experience: 2 years

Other information:
1. I'm a natural ectomorph. I've read that we're more resistant to carbs that's why Im doing a 50/30/20 c/p/f split.
2. I was a long distance runner back in college, running a minimum of 10km per day
3. After graduating, I decided to put on some weight since I only weighed 100lbs back then. I packed 26lbs since I started going to the gym. That's not all muscle tho. I looked like skinny-fat.

I've been keeping track of my food intake especially my macros using this app called MyFitnessPal. I also joined a nutrition club (Herbalife-based) just recently so they can keep track of my progress also. (I hope you guys see how dedicated I am). I even hired a personal trainer.

I've been in the program/club for quite a while now but it seems that I'm losing muscle and gaining fat despite eating just above my TDEE (500 cals over) and working out hard 3x a week. This is very disappointing considering how much time, money, and effort I'm putting in to this. I'm resorting to AAS to pack in a few lean muscle mass.

My body build. Flexed.
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Out of safety over the long term I would say wait. A cycle is risky. There is always the potential even with a perfect cycle and PCT you won't recover. Growth plates and ither things. You are still inbtje highest testoserone range of your life. Your is the best.

The 500mg wk is regurgitated constantly. I do believe a lower cycle will provide results BUT is the risk really smaller with 250mg vs 500 mg . . . Somewhat. You will still completely shut down your HPTA. hCG would be good to add because your testicles will be ready for PCT. They will shrink. If I'm going to run the risk of a true cycle then I am going to run a true cycle.

I've gotten the best gains doing low volume HIT style training. Mike Meltzer style. Some warm up sets then 1 set, slow reps ALL OUT. spotted reps, negatives and drop sets. Push/pull/legs.

My avi is current. About 156-157lbs and 16% bf according to a home scale. Card resistant? I feel ya. Best gains I've gotten are from peanut butter sandwiches. I'm jealous when I see 200lb dudes eating 3,200 calories. I'm eating over 3k a day and look like I look on TRT. 200mg wk test, 500ui hCG and adex. Which you will want to start before you have gyno. You will have excess estrogen. Dosage is tricky but at 200mg wk standard TRT is 1mg anastazole per week. I haven't seen a report of it being to much and crashing estrogen.

If you are losing muscle your diet/training is off. After the cycle you will revert back. Thats why dialing in your diet and training is essential. I have gained about 9 pounds in 2 months but I upped calories, increased water, started working out again and I started will low T and under eating due to med side effects. Gaining fat means your calories are high enough. Fine tuning diet and switching up training first would be very wise decision.

This is real deal and can have life changing negative conciquenses.


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So where in your research did it say to wait to use an ai until you see gyno symptoms? By that time, an ai won't do no good. You would need a serm too. Keep reading bud. You got a ways to go. Look over the beginner cycle stickys...