2nd cycle - need some advice


Workin on it
Hi everybody,

Been away for a while trying my first cycle. I'm happy with the results, but am looking forward to my second cycle :-D Can you give me some feedback on this?

Deca 300mg per week (weeks 1 - 10)
Sus 500 mg per week (weeks 1 - 10)
Winstrol 50 mg per week (weeks 5 - 10)
HCG and Chlomid

What I'm looking for is 90 Kilos at about 8 % body fat after any post cycle losses.

My first cycle was:
Test En 500 mg per week (10 weeks)
Dianabol 20 mg per week (last 6 weeks)
Follow up
HCG and Nolva

My current stats are 5'9, 87 kilos at 10% bf. I gained about 5 - 7 kilos muscle from my first cycle (after my bit of shrinkage)
Well, that's my dilema. I wanted to bulk first to over 90 kilos and then tighten up. That's why I wanted to include the Winstrol (winny). I wanted to bulk the first 6 weeks and then tighten up the last 4. Should I make a more defined split and do a further cutting cycle afterwards?