38, low-T and frustrated. Looking for feedback. (long)


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First off, I was thrilled to find this forum. The knowledge and experience is incredibly helpful. I'm 38 and for the last 5-6 years struggled with lower and lower energy, libido, "it factor" when it came to the gym, etc. I figured it was because I was working myself to death and testing my Test levels never crossed my mind.

In 2018, I was in a major accident (fractured skull, brain bleed - fun stuff). During my follow ups with my doctor, I asked him to check my levels for the heck of it and it came up 387. I don't remember their scale of reference exactly but he did say I was low end but not quite low enough for a TRT prescription.

That accident pushed me away from the job I had and into a new field that allows me much more freedom and far less stress. I'm regular on exercising, maintain solid vitamins and minerals plus the "go-to" supplements for maintaining healthy Test levels (zinc, magnesium, healthy fats, etc.). I honestly figured my levels would go back to at least somewhat normal levels with all of this.

Two years to the date yesterday, I got my levels tested again. Result was 369 on a scale of 250-827 being "normal". I've actually gone DOWN. I know there's a small reduction every year naturally but I figured my habits and less stress would maintain or even reverse course a bit.

I have never been the type to want to rely on a medication. Heck, even in the ICU I refused their hardcore pain meds and toughed out some of the pain. But I'm at the end of my rope with the frustration of not feeling like myself for the last few years. Not feeling that "it" factor.

I have the option on hand to self-administer (well, friend that's a nurse that's willing to administer shots for me) Test-E twice a week. Normal dose range (100mg/week - nothing near "cycle" level). I've done weeks worth of research into TRT but I'm terrified of starting something I HAVE to be on for life. But I'm also sick of feeling like this.

Feedback and thoughts are welcomed (and if you've made it this far - thanks for reading my novel :beertoast
Your levels are still considered "normal" for a 38 years old man so nobody will prescribe you a TRT.
Do you have the blood work for the other values like Free T, LH, FSH and so on? if yes, please post them.

Being on TRT is not an easy thing and you need to associate the testosterone with HCG, at least, in order to save your testicles.
Moreover, you should check also your estrogen levels.

However, in this forum there are lots of veteran who can help you, I'm just a newbie, so let's wait for someone who is more expert :D
Good post mikelaurey. Clem5on go to your doctor you need a full blood workout up and figure out if there is anything else going on. Could be thyroid vitamin deficiency etc.

Having said that ideally your testosterone should be in the 400-500s even in your late 30s. You have numbers per your doctor but those also include numbers that are normal for 40 and 50 year olds. Get some more blood work to isolate the problem and go from there. If every thing checks out go to a TRT clinic and they will try to put you in optimal rangewhich is high normal
@mike, appreciate the reply. I found out after the fact that my test only registered Total Test. Im going to have to schedule and pay for a separate panel to check the others you mentioned.

@AB So my recent panel was: Complete Blood Count, Thyroid, Test, PSA. All levels checked out phenomenally as they said. Quite literally not a single red flag on my panel except for the low Test. Thyroid was a concern of mine going in as well but even that turned out to be ok, though I'm not dead middle of normal, I lean a little more towards hyperthyroidism (image attached below).

With both tests (2018 and now), the doctors response has just been "well you're getting older" followed by a friendly laugh.

As you said, AB, at my age I should at least be 400-500's. Two good buddies of mine my age get checked yearly. Called them after reading your response and they were both in that range as well.

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You will hear that "normal range" a lot, and what they are not telling you is it might be normal but it's the equivalent of being a D student.

400 is a level where it's common to start having multiple problems. Heart, brain, energy levels, libido, body fat - or all of the above. The high 300's in your 30's is no fucking way type level in my book.

Here is another chart that shows some ranges. You could argue they are too high, but whatever, it's just another reference

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For high 30's you can see you are dead bottom of the range. And if you look at that midpoint of the range curve extrapolate out and see it's about 90+ years old.

So in my opinion you need to get that full blood panel. You need free test, SHBG, sensitive estradiol, and a full thyroid panel. Just TSH isn't enough on that one. Do that and you'll be in a better position to get advice and decide. That test is several hundred bucks at privatemdlabs.com I don't know exactly but maybe in the three hundred dollar range?

And if you do decide to go TRT that 100 mg/wk split twice is a great amount. And I second the advice to get HCG too. You'll see all sorts of conflicting opinions on HCG, you can do your head in trying to figure it out. I'd advise don't even bother, just do it 250 IU 2x/wk. For me personally that dosage of test plus HCG puts me at about 650 ish, with reasonable estrogen
Appreciate the in-depth response, Tank. I'll look into getting the advanced tests to get a better idea. As for HCG, that's an auto-go for me. You actually nailed the dosage I had in mind as well (don't see the need in 1,000iu/week at such a moderate Test dose). I've been looking into Dr. Crislers info on the subject matter regarding timing. I'm baffled why people on TRT aren't running this considering the benefits. I have a few buddies on TRT, trying to educate them on the subject. Maximum safety with something this serious.

edit: I should have noted, when I had my accident back in 2018 they ran every blood test known to man I believe. Just dawned on me today and that included Thyroid which came back normal. The only issue they found was slightly low Potassium and Iron (I played sports 5 days a week which made sense on the Potassium. The iron I easily fixed with a eating grits a few times a week - delicious way to get it.)