4 Mos. since surgery..should i wait


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Whats up bros, its been awhile since i posted. I tore my labrium in my right shoulder and had cartiledge scraped. Im about 85percent back to normal but still feel pain in my shoulder... ive been off for 7mos and am ready to turn the flame up. Im thinking maybe the anabolics would help heal me but do not want to risk going to heavy. Im still 215-220 pretty solid and dont have the problem of staying on all the time i bulk up to 240. What would you do.. thanks jt
I am 10 months post Surgery chromioplasty and Labrum trim. Weaker then ever, very mentally crushing. I would do the annoying shoulder excercises and build up the rotator cuff for sure. I would fire it up if I had any but totally agree to not go heavy or at least build back up to it. I would only worry about feeling good because of the juice and pushing it to hard but that is me if you pay attention and stay aware i think it would work out fine. just my opinion. that surgery sucks! I am not sure if i am going to do the other. the pain still feels just as bad
Has your training returned to normal? And if so, for how long? I wouldn't rush into jumping on to some anabolics as it will likely only complicate your healing process instead of speeding it up, especially if you aren't back to training at full speed.
I had a lot of work done on my knee after an IED decided to ruin my day while playing in the sandbox. If it hurts don't push it. The last thing you want to do is re-injure the damn thing. Once my knee was strong enough to do a normal workout then I started a 12 wk cycle. Start slow don't do a huge cycle right off the bat, ease into it. Yes it sucks to wait but if your body is healed it will rebound like you wouldn't believe. 12wks I went from 175 all the way to 225 post cycle. Treat your body right and it will reciprocate.
Wouldnt some equip or deca actually help him heal? Although overall I think its a bad idea start unless your 100%. You'll be too tempted to try and throw up weights like you used to and end up re-injuring. Nothing worse than sitting there knowing you used to be able to do something and feeling you still should be able to do it.
Just try and get in there, dont push it. I know this is a major surgery/trauma to both the shoulder and ego. I am right there with ya just a few months a head of you. If you are already training at the same level you are doing better then me. I have talked with some people that it took a year and a half to get back to where they where. THe thing with me is, the less I work out the more the shoulder hurts, it is about building back up the rotator muscles and giving you the stability back, I feel like a puss when I am in the gym now but I feel worse looking in the mirror.
I may be stepping over my education here but The surgery we have both had is not muscle related and juice will not help heal. It is cartlidge, ligaments and bone that was worked on. but it probably would not hurt him unless he pushed himself to hard